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    by Petite League
  2. fan on
    by runnner
    fan on fan on
  3. Here's John Myrtle
    by John Myrtle
  4. What Chaos Is Imaginary
    by girlpool
    What Chaos Is Imaginary What Chaos Is Imaginary
  5. goodbyes EP
    by The Bilinda Butchers
    little leaf little leaf
  6. Decade of Pain
    by Boors
    Rash Decisions Rash Decisions
  7. Split
    by Foliage // Andrew Younker
    Thankful Thankful
  8. Sun Movement
    by Elder
  9. Invitation To Her's
    by Her's
    Blue Lips Blue Lips
  10. Traversa
    by Geotic
    Gondolier Gondolier
  11. Flowering Jungle
    by Monster Rally
    Bahia Mar Bahia Mar
  12. I Fret
    by Lab Partner
    We're Bombing Out We're Bombing Out
    genuine and pure; a tightly bound bundle of emotion that unravels the more you spend time with it.
  13. ada belle
    by A. harlana
    textile workers textile workers
    roome’s work as a. harlana is beautifully immersed and introspective, existing as vast worlds where the contrasting concepts of thought and emotion are able to mingle freely.
  14. Angel Youth
    by Vansire
    Brown Study Brown Study
    an absolutely beautiful album in every sense of the word.
    by Petite League
    petite league's music houses some of the most unique, exhilarating energy i've ever heard. pained, jagged, and soft all at once.
  16. Designs In Rhythm
    by Ice Choir
    Windsurf Windsurf
    produced beautifully - this entire album is the equivalent of a much needed gust of cold wind after months and months of sweltering heat.
  17. Well Wishes
    by Andrew Younker
    Oracle Girl Oracle Girl
    an incredibly underrated gem of an album that houses some of the best synth work i've ever had the pleasure of hearing.
  18. Affections
    by Small Forward
    Ancient Flows Ancient Flows
    every single song on this album brings a different sense of peace along with it.
  19. Moaning
    by MOANING
    Close Close
  20. Carrie & Lowell
    by Sufjan Stevens
    Drawn to the Blood Drawn to the Blood