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  2. Metal
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    by The Evil
    Voices From The Deep (Intro) Voices From The Deep (Intro)
  2. Four Minute Warning
    by project:engine
    Nil (dead demigod mix) Nil (dead demigod mix)
    This is 90's era techno at it's FINEST!!! Think early Prodigy, LFO, and your getting close. Project:Engine was amazing!!!
  3. Poisse
    by FANGE
    Ammoniac Ammoniac
    The vocals get buried in their wall of noise but, it ends becoming another layer in the cacophonous raw sound FANGE produces......low end brutality.
  4. The Duckcore Compilation - Volume III
    by DuckCore
    Nexilva - Evil Will Prevail (ft. Meyrick De La Fuente) Nexilva - Evil Will Prevail (ft. Meyrick De La Fuente)
    Another great label with another great set of INTENSE!!!! compilations of bands I haven't heard of but, I'm glad I know them now.
  5. Total Deathcore Volume 5
    by Total Deathcore
    Human Cattle Human Cattle
    Amazing set of compilations Total Deathcore has released so far. A lot of the bands I hadn't heard of but, the quality of there music is intense. Absolutely PUMMELING!!!!! GRINDING!!!! BLASTING!!!! Total Deathcore.... the label says it all.
  6. Far Removed
    by Narrow Head
    Far Removed Far Removed
    I'm definitely hearing the HUM reference as well......but, with a tinge more loss and disparity in the vocals. Really solid EP!!!!