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  1. Luxeuil Les Bains, France
  2. Metal
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  1. DSXX
    by DemonScar
  2. White Hoarhound
    by Alunah
  3. Blood Reign
    by BleedSkin
    by Steel Tormentor
  5. Infected by Fuzz
    by Fuzzrious
  6. Set Forever On Me (Technical Death Metal)
    by HATEFUL (Italy)
  7. Into the Darkness...
    by Hewolf
  8. Must Have!
  9. On the Verge
    by The Sign of AmpersanD
  10. Against Destiny
    by Wartime
  11. Through the Fire with Closed Eyes
    by Legio Sergia
  12. I: Assertion (original demo + remastered)
    by Legio Sergia
  13. Our Freedom
    by Legio Sergia
  14. II: Assertion (singles/demos)
    by Legio Sergia
  15. Preachers of the Fallen Fate
    by Toxic Carnage
  16. Cursed Carnage
    by Toxic Carnage
  17. Beer Drinkers and Hellraisers
    by Toxic Carnage
  18. Nuclear Addiction
    by Toxic Carnage
  19. Doomed From The Beginning
    by Toxic Carnage
  20. Total Carnage
    by Toxic Carnage