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  1. Serres, Greece
  2. Metal
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  1. α
    by Blind Tendril
  2. Dead Rock Commandos
    by Nightstalker
  3. Split the sky
    by Antūmbra
  4. Dear in the Headlights
    by The Damn Truth
  5. Get On
    by Dr Clyde
  6. Blurred Edges
    by Unending
  7. End of days pilgrimage
    by Black Sky Giant
  8. Bondage City EP
    by Σίγμα Άλφα
  9. Σονάτα Σε Τρολ Μινόρε (Sonata Se Troll Minore)
    by Sonata Antartika
  10. Check In Στον Παράδεισο
    by Sonata Antartika
  11. #no_filter
    by Sonata Antartika
  12. Σέξντολ (club remix) SUMMER HIT 2015
    by Sonata Antartika
  13. Στη Χώρα Των Καλύτερων Χοντρών
    by Sonata Antartika
  14. Εξεταστική ft. Studdle
    by Sonata Antartika
  15. Surrendered To Doom
    by ΦΟΡΜΟΛΗ
  16. L'appel du vide
    by Antūmbra
  17. Space Indigo Part II
  18. You Matter
    by Ripcord Records
  19. Sonnet CXIX (Demo)
    by Unending
  20. Anti-Hero
    by Kemerov