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  1. Falling Into Place
    by HOME
    Warmth Warmth
    Another chill ass listen by HOME. I found Warmth to be the grooviest and most fun track on the whole album.
  2. Vol. 1
    by Mada Yana (まだヤナ)
    Badaboom (Clean Version) Badaboom (Clean Version)
    IDK WTF this is but I love it! I guess I can penn it as dark vaporwave? It's eerie, creepy, catchy and makes me scared to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Would love to get a Vol. 2!
  3. Wonderland Dream EP
    by Tenkitsune
    Into Dream Into Dream
    This whole thing is just adorable. Love the cute sound effects used, and the overall happy feeling this exudes. Real top notch production, as well. If you're feelin' down, give this a listen.
    by Street Fever
    In Your Lungs In Your Lungs
    Dark, and utterly intoxicating. In Your Lungs is my personal fave here; crazy catchy, with one of the sexiest vocal performances I've ever heard in anything. If you liked the Afflictions EP, you'll love this.
  5. Blood
    by Paint
    Mr. Pill Mr. Pill
    What a wild ride this one is. Detailed, layered and the keyword here is experimental. Might initially turn off the more impatient listener, but I promise this is worth your time. A true electronic masterpiece and hidden gem.
  6. Afflictions EP
    by Street Fever
    Chamber Chamber
    A gorgeous, dark listen. Very clean, crisp production. Chamber and La Corde are the highlights here. The former is a hard hitting track that I'd expect to hear during a dance floor brawl. The latter is a groovy, sexy, leather-clad tune with sensual french vocals. Right up the alley of people who love darkwave. P.S That cover is just so cool, too. Very Daft Punk.
    by ♥ GOJII ♥
    One of the happiest things I've ever heard. Super upbeat and bubbly. Like everyone else says, it's a real mood lifter. Love everything about this album, and so will you, weirdo who hasn't bought it yet. DO, BTW.
  8. Jester
    by Savant
    Surprise (Ft. Gaia) Surprise (Ft. Gaia)
    If Savant is known for one thing, it's being able to concieve quality EDM music at a blistering pace. Jester is no exception. We got an absolutely blissful intro on Ritual. And the METAL INFUSED Fantastique is, well, fantastic. This is a kickin' addition to his discography, with a whole bunch of new, awesome bangers I can proudly shake my buns to.
  9. Vs.
    by FacexHugger
    Can you fly, Bobby? Can you fly, Bobby?
    Easily the most subtle of FaceXHuggers' albums. Tracks like Solace Denied, and Falling Down are very down-tempo and easy-going. But you have tracks like Can you fly, Bobby? and Life-form Detected that are fast and keep your attention. I felt like Hradvnager was a bit repetitive, though. All in all, still a very solid record.
    by ToyTree
    Slain Slain
    OOOOH this is a badass soundtrack! Didn't expect it to be as metal as the Doom OST. Shit goes very well with killing hordes of those goblin looking motherfuckers.
  11. Dead Racer
    by Speed Machine
    Demoniac Control Demoniac Control
    True killing-spree music. Every track bleeds that nostalgic 80's outrun sound, but with an evil spin on it. One hell of a good time.
  12. The Uncanny Valley - Bonus
    by Perturbator
    Vile World Vile World
    A bonus EP that manages to be as dark and mechanical as the full Uncanny Valley album. Reminds me of Ghost in the Shell and Akira. Part of me hopes the future isn't this bleak, but another part wants it real bad.
  13. Vista of Chaos
    by White Gavri'el
    Ouroboros Ouroboros
    Didn't think BuisnessCasual could give me such a sinister darksynth album. Really dig this, and wanna hear more from White Gavri'el. Hope they're this evil all the time.
  14. Galactic Melt
    by Com Truise
    Ether Drift Ether Drift
    This is a sexy album. The analog sounds that seem to have slithered straight from the 80's make me feel like I could make babies to it. Like I MUST make babies to it. And you should too.
  15. Windows EP
    by SurgeryHead
    Solstice Solstice
    New SurgeryHead is what I need to breath. This is a sweet little EP that gives you a small taste of creeping uncertainty. It makes me very excited for another full LP. Hopefully soon!
    Diabolic Diabolic
    DWTD is so good at fusing metal and synth, it makes me wanna punch many people in the face. I have grown to seriously admire them as much as I do GosT and Carpenter Brut. DWTD is a must for anyone who wants to just headbang for hours.
  17. B-Sides: Volume 1
    Get out Get out
    Synth and metal. The greatest fusion since Gogeta. Seriously how are these B-sides? This sounds like a greatest hits album to me. I hope DWTD never stops doing what they do best. And that is make music that can kick anyones' ass.
  18. AKUMA
    by ALEX & Tokyo Rose
    Dread Dread
    If you're looking for a dark album, look no further than this. This thing has gorgeous, clean production throughout. As if ALEX wasn't masterful enough at making a chilling, bumpin darksynth tune, we also have Tokyo Rose to help out with their signature futuristic outrun style, with a dark twist. This is one fan-fucking-tastic album!
  19. Silicon Tare
    by Com Truise
    Silicon Tare Silicon Tare
    This thing is a trip. And that's putting it mildly. If you like slow, steady starts that transition into boom-bap beats, this is for you. If you like distorted earworm sound that drips the classy, nostalgic 80's style, this is for you. IF YOU LIKE MUSIC THIS IS FOR YOU!
  20. Starfighter
    by Night Runner
    Ride The Sky Ride The Sky
    What an 80's album! Took me too long to find this gem. If you drive through Miami at midnight with this on, you'll be all set.
  21. Nightcall EP
    by Kavinsky
    Nightcall Nightcall
    After rewatching the brilliant Drive and hearing Nightcall in the opening credits again, I just thought to myself, "Y'know what? I wanna own this masterpiece." Nightcall is seriously one of the best goddamn synthwave tunes ever made.
  22. Halloween Strangers (Album)
    by VHS Glitch
    Chainsaw Slasher Chainsaw Slasher
    This album succeeds in being what it was meant to, which is a dark, atmospheric synth soundtrack to a slasher flick that doesn't exist.
  23. Evil Technology (Album)
    by VHS Glitch
    Blood In Blood Out Blood In Blood Out
    A fantastic darksynth project. Gritty, bassey, and catchy. Reminds me of the Terminator. It came from the future to FUCKING KILL. This is the most evil technology.
  24. Nine Circles
    by Occams Laser
    Gluttony Gluttony
    A trip through Hell never sounded so good. I might not mind going, if the tunes are this awesome.
  25. Purgatory
    by Occams Laser
    The Late Repentant The Late Repentant
    Onward out of Hell and to the mountain of Purgatory! Where somehow the music keeps getting better...
  26. Crucifixation
    by Occams Laser
    Crucifixation Crucifixation
    Unholy, heavy synths by Occam's Laser make for a dark, terrifying and evil journey that is only for the bravest men with the strongest eardrums.
  27. Night Raptor EP
    by Night Raptor
    Crash-land Crash-land
    In one word this EP is retro. In another word, it's AWESOME. This sounds like it came straight from the 80's to make my ears ever so happy.
  28. The Four Horsemen
    by Occams Laser
    War War
    A very apocalyptic little EP here. If there were any candidates for the soundtrack to the end of the world, this would be one. I especially love War and Famine for being the heaviest most brutal tracks.
  29. Selection 3
    by mitch murder
    Melting Point Melting Point
    Love me some murder. Very good choices of tracks to put in these selections. Melting Point is a blissful opener, while Savage shows a rare dark side to Mitch. I also lovelovelove the Guile Theme remix.
  30. Selection 4
    by mitch murder
    Sniper Rouge feat. Emi (Satellite Young) Sniper Rouge feat. Emi (Satellite Young)
    Mitch Murder murders the game with these tracks. One of my favorite synth artists evah. Sniper Rouge feels like it could be the opening song of an anime from the 80's or 90's.
  31. Midnight Animal
    by Nounverber
    Receiver Receiver
    Anything to do with Hotline Miami is ace in my book. This ain't no exception. Reciever reminds me of Nightcall by Kavinsky, too.
  32. Seas Of Infinity
    by Mega Drive
    Visceral Grit '92 Visceral Grit '92
    New Mega Drive! I feel like I've been waiting for eons. As usual MD proves himself as one of THE best synthwave artists alive with another fantastic addition to his discography. And to my collection. ❤
    by Invsble City
    Cyber Chris† Cyber Chris†
    Took me a long time to see that there was no "I" in Invsble. Kick ass album, nonetheless.
  34. Strange Depths
    by The Powerwalker
    Submarine Snow Submarine Snow
    This is a very well put together synth album that perfectly emulates the terror that is the deep ocean.
  35. Synthetic Emotions
    by North Exit
    City Of Ghosts City Of Ghosts
    This whole album is like a love letter to Mega Drive. An insanely fun listen. Every song is filled with synthetic, mechanical sound, and gives you a clear picture of a very bleak future full of robots who wanna kill the shit out of us.
  36. Night Of The Wicked
    by North Exit
    From the first notes, I immediately fell in HARD love with this track. So reminiscent of GosT and Carpenter Brut. Really fills you with terror and dread. In a good way. If an album comes out and this song is on it, you can bet your sweet ass imma buy it.
  37. World's Ruin
    by Glitch Black
    Flight of the Damned Flight of the Damned
    If Frieza and the Ginyu Force made a darksynth album. It tells the story of galactic dominination very similar to Volkor X, imo.
  38. Hypercube
    by Glitch Black
    Cybernetic Brain Damage Cybernetic Brain Damage
    After thoroughly listening to his entire discography, I can safely say this is Glitch Black's best work. Nearly every song is unbearably catchy, fast, and brutal especially Cybernetic Brain Damage. I've had it on repeat non-stop.
  39. Dominus Infernus
    by Glitch Black
    Dominus Infernus Dominus Infernus
    Probably Glitch Black's most evil sounding album of all. Very satanic, and unholy in it's addictive synth leads. If you worship some kind of half-flesh half-synthetic demon, and hope to summon him, make sure this is on during the ritual. I think he'd dig it.
  40. Death Spiral
    by Glitch Black
    Left to Bleed and Rot Left to Bleed and Rot
    I think this is a very cohesive, and thoughtful project that takes the listener on a dark, terrifying journey through the blackness of space.
  41. Interdimensional
    by Glitch Black
    Damage Control Damage Control
    I'll be honest. This is not my favorite GB album. However there is a lot to enjoy here if you like darksynth from the black depths of space. For a debut project, this is by no means bad. His future work is far more thought out, that's all.
  42. The Uncanny Valley
    Neo Tokyo Neo Tokyo
    Definitely one of the best synth albums to come out in 2016. Believe the hype, and if this is your first time with Perturbator, don't make it your last. I doubt you'd want to anyway.
  43. I Am The Night [Remaster]
    by Perturbator
    Technoir (feat. Noir Deco) Technoir (feat. Noir Deco)
    A gritty, futuristic banger of an album with some easy listens here and there as well. Perturbator is a master at what he does. And that is blowing our ears and our minds out with synth music.
  44. EP II
    by Turboslash
    Streetfire Streetfire
    What a follow up to the first EP! A lot darker than the first, but that ain't a bad thing, no sir.
  45. EP I
    Vice Point Illumination Vice Point Illumination
    This is one hard hitting, nostalgic 80's style synth album that takes you on a journey through the galaxy and back again.