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  1. Apocalypse Domani
    by Various Artists
    Active Denial System Active Denial System
    a dark italo disco masterpiece. from start to finish, you're swept up in a torrent of deadly giallo inspired sounds. just lie back, and let the madness lead you in a dance of death.
  2. Wasteland
    by Terrordyne
    Nights Like These Nights Like These
    a well made collection of darksynth bangers for your blood soaked library.
    by Otrebor
    No Te Detengas No Te Detengas
    small sized ep with monster sized, killer synthwave tracks.
  4. Exile
    by Daniel Deluxe
    Panic Control Panic Control
    a b-side album with varying levels of brutality. very hard to pin down a favorite track, as they all scratch the itch of wanting something loud and heavy, with pristine production quality.
  5. Prophecy
    by Starfounder
    Hatred Hatred
    a classic powerhouse darksynth album full of insane, heavy tracks perfect for a neon soaked dancefloor massacre.
  6. Goodbye Future Funk
    by CHANCE デラソウル
    Wanna Get By Wanna Get By
    future funk as danceable and upbeat as any other, but still feels fresh and fun.
  7. End Cycle
    by Shin'en
    In the Shallows In the Shallows
    hard hitting, fast paced and very accessible darksynth.
  8. Dorothys Fortress - Theme From Phase IV
    by Dorothys Fortress
    Theme From Phase IV Theme From Phase IV
    darksynth with italo disco giallo influences. ultimately very catchy and smooth.
    by Virtual Intelligence
  10. Leaves [LP]
    by Casper Levy
    Flowers For You Flowers For You
    a masterful synthwave experience that captures the moods of fall, and nostalgia for the days when we were young.
  11. Dusk Incarnate
    by Elay Arson
    Cocaine Nightmare Cocaine Nightmare
    synth mixed with heavy metal, to form a monster of a cyberpunk album. great feature list, and a solid, interesting concept. definitely my favorite Elay Arson project so far.
  12. Autumn of 2085
    by jacket.
    Solace Solace
    giving off summer synthwave vibes in autumn.
  13. Universal Equilibrium (feat. Contre-Attaque) [MASKED Remix] [Single]
    by Aeronexus
  14. Stilhedens Tårn LP
    by Offermose
  15. Hot Wet & Sassy
    by TOBACCO
  16. Cataclysm
    by Electric Dragon
    by Dooby Douglas
    G L A M G L A M
    Russian vaporwave inspired by anime, waifus and memes. if this isn't what vaporwave should be about, I don't want it.
  18. Dark Digital
    by Caspro
    Goosebumps Goosebumps
    high energy and dark throbbing synth versions of classic spooky themes.
  19. ヘッドハンター
    by Fixions
    Please Hack Me (Folie a Deux) Please Hack Me (Folie a Deux)
    as with Genocity, Fixions gives us a blast of a futuristic darksynth record. it hits hard and doesn't stop.
  20. Annihilation
    by Street Cleaner
    You Can't Run Forever You Can't Run Forever
    a come from behind masterpiece in darksynth. you're probably not ready for this one. but you should buy it anyway. prepare to get annihilated.