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  1. Grazia
    by Grazia
  2. Al Shark
    by Kalbata
  3. Oi Boys
    by Oi Boys
    by Nebulo
  5. HNR015: The Cat Prowls Again / A Strange Servant
    by Timothy J. Fairplay
  6. HNRBS002: Krass Kontrast
    by Rudolf Abramov
  7. HNR027: Viaje A Tenderloin / Hitodoma (feat. Jessica Ho)
    by Golden Bug
  8. Mother of Millions
    by NEPTUNE
  9. Dead Men's Bones / All is Cold
    by Fever 103°
  10. Edge Of The Universe
    by Cluster Lizard
  11. What Makes Them Burn
    by Cígvë
  12. Brødløs
    by Geir Sundstøl
  13. Salika, Molika
    by Erlend Apneseth Trio
    Takle Takle
  14. You | me
    by Kim Myhr
  15. Mangelen Min
    by Building Instrument
    Mangelen Min Mangelen Min
  16. Neuromantique
    by Ellah a. Thaun
  17. Arcane Majeur
    by Ellah a. Thaun.
  18. L'homme à zéro
    by France Sauvage
  19. Souffrance FM
    by HAJJ
  20. Deux Soleils Pour Foncer
    by Johan Mazé
    Trois Départs Loin d'Imli Trois Départs Loin d'Imli