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  1. Santuri's Embaire Umeme E.P
    by Mugwisa International Xylophone Group
  2. Mugwisa International Xylophone Group II - Iganga Embaire 12
    by On the Corner
  3. The Search
    by Collocutor
  4. Moon of Dysnomia
    by Planet Battagon
  5. Dark Sun (Live in Brixton)
    by Wildflowers
  6. Madea/Dangerous Women
    by Tenesha The WordSmith
  7. Super Liminal
    by Penya
  8. Archaic Morning - Collocutor
    by Collocutor
  9. Collocutor - Black Satin
    by Collocutor
  10. Candomblé
    by Black Classical
  11. Agama (Contours Vs Collocutor)
    by Collocutor
  12. Simba
    by Daisho
  13. Instead
    by Collocutor
  14. Beat Your Demon E.P
    by Penya
  15. LasGidi
    by Obadice & Vivian Paul-Foh, Feat: Keziah Jones
  16. Acelere E.P.
    by Penya
  17. Black Noise 2084
    by Khalab
  18. Milton Nascimento Louva a deus (BKCLX Amazonia Edit)
    by Black Classical
  19. Gozo
    by Collocutor
  20. Zaire E.P.
    by Khalab