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  2. Metal
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  1. Inpariquipê
    by Kaatayra
  2. Noktvrn
    by Der Weg Einer Freiheit
  3. Brightly Burning Deathbed
    by Wounds of Recollection
    Beautiful 🖤
  4. Quintessenz
    by Dauþuz, Rimruna, Schattenvald, Nemesis Sopor
  5. Woven of Serpent's Spines
    by The Wolf Garden
  6. Seven Portals To The Arcane Realms
    by Urdôl Ur
  7. Vom schwarzen Schmied
    by Dauþuz
    Such a fabulous release! Richly layered and full of texture. Album of the year material for me. Brilliant!! Love it! 🖤
  8. Ad Mortem & Preacher's Lament
    by Ancient Mastery
  9. Life's Grips to Laughter
    by Homeskin
  10. Dark Italian Art
    by Selvans
  11. i
    by vide
  12. ii
    by vide
  13. Alluring the distant eye
    by Sadness
  14. Shades Of War (EP)
    by Almach
  15. Veiled Beneath The Shroud of Grief & Misery
    by The Sun’s Journey Through The Night
  16. Love Exchange Failure
    by White Ward
  17. Hanging By The Bayou Light
    by vide
  18. Subverse Siphoning of Suburbia
    by Homeskin
  19. The Purple Skull
    by Black Spell