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  2. Experimental
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  1. Crystal Forest
    by Daniel Kartmann/Andrey Tatarinets/Daniel Vujanic
  2. Kuiper ep
    by Floating Points
  3. Elaenia
    by Floating Points
  4. The Turning Wheel
    Wild and wonderful. Not sure how to classify this, but I love it. I am in awe.
  5. Composograph
    by Svante Henryson, Gjermund Larsen, Nils Økland, Mats Eilertsen, Audun Kleive & Arve Henriksen
  6. Towards Language Live at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm
    by Jan Bang, Erik Honoré, Eivind Aarset & Arve Henriksen
  7. A Visible Length of Light
    by Lea Bertucci
  8. Sync or Swim
    by The Same
    Hot & Cold Hot & Cold
    Cool mix of old school analog experimentalism and hypnotic minimalist patterns. Great cause!
  9. #Notes of Forestry
    by Motohiko Hamase
  10. Red Knot Returns
    by Hawsepiper
  11. Each side has a depth of 5 seconds A polka dot pattern in horizontal array A flickering that moves vertically
    by Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke, Oren Ambarchi
    Fascinating improvisations that cover a lot of ground, seamlessly blending spooky drones, modular synth clicks, burbles and swoops, intense percussion, searing electroacoustic squalls, and other sonic delights.
  12. Decir
    by Francisco del Pino
  13. Skydiving onto the library roof / Everything for everyone
    by caroline
  14. Dark blue
    by caroline
  15. the nothing of roselight (edit)
    by Jon Hassell Rick Cox Luke Schwartz
  16. Lit Way Down
    by Mt Went
    More moooody music from this pair of brilliant songwriters. I love the haunting spaces they conjure.
  17. Sheltering Sky
    by Mt Went
    That's Not There That's Not There
    A great collection of spare, dark folk songs. Somber and understated in the best way.
  18. Freeland
    by William Ryan Fritch
  19. Solidum
    by William Ryan Fritch
  20. Veil on Veil
    by Several Wives