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  1. Home Away From Home
    by faeraga
  2. Neon Impasse
    by City Girl
  3. Powderpaint
    by Powderpaint
  4. SOL: A Self-Banishment Ritual
    by Seeming
  5. S/T (10th Anniversary Edition)
    by This Will Destroy You
    The Mighty Rio Grande The Mighty Rio Grande
    A terrific post-rock album - a journey of sonic textures, at times tense and at times peaceful.
  6. Genesis Dream
    by Plasma Cutter
  7. shapes
    by As Seas Exhale
  8. Live at Dorothy Major
    by Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
  9. Voyager
    by As Seas Exhale
  10. Sisyphus
    by As Seas Exhale
  11. Sisyphus II: The B-Sides
    by As Seas Exhale
  12. Colorfield
    by As Seas Exhale
  13. Ineffable
    by As Seas Exhale
  14. Distance & Wilderness EP
    by As Seas Exhale
  15. Recovery
    by As Seas Exhale
  16. But Can You Save Yourself? (Reprise)
    by As Seas Exhale
    Movement I: Eulogy Of The Skies Movement I: Eulogy Of The Skies
    This EP is such a good piece for a pensive mood.
  17. The Healing Process
    by As Seas Exhale
    Grief And Dust Grief And Dust
    There are some albums that really speak to me as someone who has had some trauma, but is in a safe place now. That stress and tension is still with me, but it is in a place where things can be low-key, can be something like calm, can be okay.

    This is one of those albums that evokes that sense for me. It fits.
  18. Laika
    by As Seas Exhale
  19. Another Day
    by Andrea von Kampen
  20. Leandi
    by Mosaik