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  1. Mythological Cycle Volume 1
    by Ishqamatics
  2. Mythological Cycle Volume 2
    by Ishqamatics
  3. Migration
    by Sacred Seeds
  4. Meditations
    by alucidnation
  5. Melancholic Gardens
    by D York
  6. Lethe [River Of Forgetfulness]
    by Mick Chillage
  7. Pinehaven
    by zakè & City of Dawn
  8. Frizzell & Duque: Orison
    by zakè & City of Dawn
    Orison Orison
    Drone can be so generic. Not with these two. This record, in particular, is a stand out, a work of sheer beauty , peace, and (yes!) drone musicality. Outstanding.
  9. For Ukraine (Volume 1)
    by Various Artists
  10. Portals: Energostatic (For Ukraine)
    by A Strangely Isolated Place
  11. Music For Homes & Gardens 2
    by Various
  12. Hiraeth [Support For Ukraine]
    by Mick Chillage
    Beautiful longform ethereal track. Only halfway through as I type this. Not far removed aesthetically from Surveying Wastelands.
  13. Eisner Flowers
    by Dividenthal & Aumgn
  14. Visions In Static
    by Wil Bolton
  15. Impact Release
    by Martin Allin
    This is an absolute gem. Best new ambient I have heard in some time. Yes, there are all the staples - moody, dark, uplifting, drone-y, field recordings - but there is a real emotion here, musicality. It really pulls you in, like a great album should.
  16. Author Of The Twilight
    by The Angling Loser
  17. Abandoned Communities
    by Abandoned Communities
  18. Retour Au Club Meduse compiled by Charles Bals
    by Various Artists
    Nearly 50 years old now, and in a lifetime of listening to music this is a serious contender for one of the best albums. A sun-kissed obscure 80s pop soundtrack for imaginary or real European holidays. Sheer bliss 😎☀️🎧
  19. nətɪvɪti
    by World Circuit & Autumn Of Communion
  20. VA - Mercury Rising (Volumen Tres)
    by DJ Harvey