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Pablo Osores

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  2. Metal
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  1. Totem Youth
    by kokomo
  2. There Is No Stillness
    by Glories
  3. Put the Beast Out of Mind
    by Glories
  4. Mother Reverb
    by Glories
  5. Contrasts
    by Imber Luminis
  6. I Fear The Light (with Kostas Panagiotou)
    by Clouds Official
  7. Beautiful Death (RIP Valfar)
    by Skyborne Reveries
  8. Blackness in May (Promo EP)
    by Déhà
    Saturnine (The Gathering Cover) Saturnine (The Gathering Cover)
    It's Deha .. always good.
  9. Stormvalley
    by Silent Island
  10. Harmony
    by Skyforest
  11. Tribute to Selv
    by Imber Luminis
  12. Creation Cycle
    by Landforge
  13. Servitude to Earth
    by Landforge
  14. Falling Motion
    by Autism
  15. The Crawling Chaos
    by Autism
  16. Grief
    by Grief & Bliss
  17. Variations
    by Imber Luminis
  18. We Are Trees
    by The Last Sighs Of The Wind
    Dispair Dispair
  19. Destin
    by Clouds Official
  20. Destin
    by Clouds Official
  21. Veiled
    by Imber Luminis
    Veiled - Part I Veiled - Part I
    love this man and all his talent!
  22. Shut it out
    by Ter Ziele
  23. Nausea
    by Imber Luminis
    Nothing Matters Nothing Matters
  24. La Litanie des Cendres
    by Angellore
    Moonflower Moonflower
  25. Trees, Clouds & Silence
    by Trees, Clouds & Silence
    Embraced by branches Embraced by branches