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  1. Off World
    by Elizabeth Garcia
  2. The Hungry Darkness of Living
    by ☆彡DragonCentury99 & DreamingDenizen
    An Ode to an Infomercial Model An Ode to an Infomercial Model
    I loved working on this with the genius ☆彡DragonCentury99! I hope you all enjoy as well.
  3. Alter Ego
    by Napoleon Da Legend x Nejma Nefertiti
  5. Of My Own Space and Time I Am Queen
    by Unwoman
    Cultivate Cultivate
    This is Unwoman's magnum opus and without a doubt one of my favorite albums of the year. I got heavy Rome (another great musician) vibes and the production is just stellar especially when combined with the dreamy cello (only Unwoman can turn this instrument into a weapon of fantasy) and moving and allegorical lyrics. I recommend this heavily!
  6. The Ghibli Tape
    by Mikel & Jokabi
  7. Aloe Island Adventures
    by Aloe Island Posse
  8. Soft Sounds From Another Planet
    by Japanese Breakfast
  9. 集中 Concentration
    by Night Tempo
  10. Musique Hauka
    by Lingo Seini et son groupe
  11. BUY NOW (Deluxe Edition)
    by Eyeliner
  12. Nihilist Millennial
    by Cargo Cults
  13. Vanished
    by evryn
  14. high society
    by luxury elite
    magic summer magic summer
    If you're imagining yourself as a high class socialite in the mid to late 80s at 11:30 PM in SoHo wondering where you're going to score your next bump of coke as Chadwick talks nonstop about some William F. Buckley article and your girlfriend/boyfriend is dancing to the new Whitney Houston album drunk off their ass after a lude or two and with no desire to think about the future, then you're listening to the right album.
  15. Closer
    by MVEJIMV
  16. Cyber Love
    by Neon Vectors
  17. Roses and kisses under the rain
    by Android Apartment
  18. Bronze Saints
    by Napoleon Da Legend
    Shiryu the Dragon ft. Nejma Nefertiti Shiryu the Dragon ft. Nejma Nefertiti
    Saint Seiya was my childhood favorite anime and seeing such a masterful tribute from NDL is just such a gift. Don't sleep on this.
  19. Dragon Ball G
    by Napoleon Da Legend
  20. Mulhouse 2 Brooklyn
    by Napoleon Da Legend