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  1. People In The Sun
    by Powerplant
  2. Someone Who Isn't Me
    by What Moon Things
  3. Ocarina of Time
    by Super Guitar Bros
  4. Formal Odors
    by IT IT
    a band that makes you pay $1 extra to NOT receive a piece of paper with broccoli sprout seeds in it is exactly my kind of band. 10.0/10
  5. Whoa!
    by Jack Deezl
  6. Hurry Up and Wait
    by Fried Monk
  7. necroscape
    by tetema
  8. I Fall in Love With the Light: A Sacred Bones Compilation
    by Various Artists
  9. Long Stories
    by Amon Tobin
    i bought a qchord because of this record but it does not sound as good. i suspect foul play. 6.9/10
  10. Fear in a Handful of Dust
    by Amon Tobin
  11. Antiphon
    by Alfa Mist
    i streamed this so many times bandcamp forced me to buy it. i resent being told what to do, so I am docking 1.9 points. 8.1/10
  12. The Cosmo Cleaners
    by Uranium Club
    ever since i listened to this, the narrator appears throughout my day and highlights how mundane my life is. please send help. 6.8/10
  13. All of Them Naturals
    by Uranium Club
    hits hard and fast like my toyota tercel into the side of your minivan when i run a red light because i'm trying to change the song on my modified 2007 ipod video and the screen is too dim to see very well. 8.0/10
  14. Quiet Giant
    by Emma Langford
    unironic beauty and sincerity is something i am deeply uncomfortable with. i switched to parliament 100s after hearing this record. proceed with caution. 7.7/10
  15. etazhi (2018)
    by Molchat Doma
  16. by-
    by bygones
  17. Fear
    by King Dude
  18. Songs of Flesh & Blood - In The Key of Light
    by King Dude
  19. Con Todo El Mundo (N & S America Edition)
    by Khruangbin
  20. Lo Recordings CD bundle
    by Susumu Yokota