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OyO DooM OccultA

  1. Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France
  2. Metal
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  1. Endless Trails
    by Hollow Woods
    Subscrition exclusive
  2. Dense Fog
    by Armnatt
  3. Beyond the Watchtowers
    by Ancient Burial
  4. Occultation
    by Dysylumn
  5. Darkness Times
    by Armnatt
  6. Ancient Darkness Triumphant
  7. Nikada Nije Kasno da Propadneš
    by Arjen
  8. Sarkofagi nocnych zjaw
  9. A Nocturnal Emanation
  10. Voices Rooted in Blood
    by Pantheon of Blood
  11. Temples of Ice
    by Sammas' Equinox / Emanating Void
  12. Oblivion Omitted
    by Make a Change... Kill Yourself
    bon autant ne pas y aller par quatre chemins, le meilleur album de make a change... prenez en de la graine! ça c'est du vrai dsbm!!!!
  13. Pentagram
    by Gorgoroth
  14. Schizophrenia
    by Mentïs Morbüm
  15. Thanatophobia (EP)
    by Mentïs Morbüm
  16. We, The Oblivious
    by Sørgelig
  17. An Alignment of Dead Stars
    by Drowning the Light
  18. Lost Kingdoms of a Dark Age
    by Drowning the Light
  19. The Serpents Reign
    by Drowning the Light
  20. The Obscure Worship Chronicles (Parts 1 - 4)
    by Drowning the Light