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  1. Exploding Whale
    by Sufjan Stevens
    Fourth of July (PPD Remix) Fourth of July (PPD Remix)
    I love both of these tracks, but the Fourth of July remix honestly hits an entire different section of emotion with me, I've probably listened to it thousands of times at this point. The pure sadness and grief of the original is replaced by a hollow emptiness in the PPD remix that I have not heard in any other song before.
  2. All Delighted People EP
    by Sufjan Stevens
    The Owl And The Tanager The Owl And The Tanager
    A collection of astoundingly beautiful tracks that have little to do with eachother, yet I cannot stop listening to them despite that. Every song on this EP are phenomenal but The Owl And The Tanager takes the cake for me, just in its theatrical and personal style alone.
  3. The Ascension
    by Sufjan Stevens
    Sugar Sugar
    An ethereal, experimental indie pop/IDM album that I have listened to on repeat since it released. Definitely in my top three Sufjan projects, and without a doubt one of my favourite albums overall!
  4. Carrie & Lowell
    by Sufjan Stevens
    No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross
    An absolute masterpiece of an album that never ceases to make me emotional any time I listen! Absolutely worth!
  5. America
    by Sufjan Stevens
    America America
    In my opinion, this is one of Sufjan's best pieces of work yet! And to be honest, the B-Side to this single is just as album worthy as America! Although, it is quite different thematically and sonically, so I understand why it wasn't on the album. Overall, this single is beautifully written and produced, and gives me a lot of hope for the rest of the album!
  6. Calls and Echoes
    by Kai Engel
    Phantasm Phantasm
    A beautifully written album, anything by Kai Engel is honestly perfect for playing when I'm doing anything related to work or my studies! Great album overall.