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  1. Kruibeke, Belgium
  2. Metal
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  1. Spiteful Visions EP
    by Spiteful Visions
  2. The Depth Of The Darkness
    by The Fifth Alliance
  3. SAT003: Wampyric Bloodlust - Reborn (2012)
    by Satanath Records
  4. Burn The Promised Land
    by Rebaelliun
  5. Annihilation
    by Rebaelliun
  6. The Hell's Decrees
    by Rebaelliun
    The Path Of The Wolf The Path Of The Wolf
    Merciless death metal from Brazil. These guys flew in no less than 11 hours to The Netherlands to just play a 40 minutes killer live set at Netherlands Deathfest 2022 in Eindhoven. I bought all the merch that I could get my hands on. Huge respect for this band! 🤘🤘
  7. Misanthropic Breed
    by LIK
  8. Mass Destroyer
    by Demonical
  9. Bloody Rivers of Death
    The Ravenous The Ravenous
    Filled to the brim with memorable bulldozer riffs and I really like Dave Rotten's guttural vocals here. Full of melody as well. Quickly becoming a personal favourite of 2022.
  10. Den Menschen So Fern
    by Wallfahrer
  11. Demo
    by Mortal Scepter
  12. Dissolve Patterns
    by Dissolve Patterns
  13. SAT346: Circle Of Chaos - Forlorn Reign (2022)
    by Satanath Records
  14. Unveil in the Abyss
  15. SAT348: Sieta - Novgorod [re-release] (2022)
    by Satanath Records
  16. Dødsfærd
  17. Ascension
    by Serpents Oath
  18. Thrinodía (Remixed & Remastered 2020)
    by Haunter
  19. Dwell
    by Suffering Hour
  20. In Passing Ascension
    by Suffering Hour