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  1. Frequency Illusion b/w Number Games
    by Rhythm Based Lovers
  2. Tangerine b/w Orbis Tertius
    by Hashman Deejay
  3. Perc Song (Chords) b/w Crack
    by OV / Diego
  4. Apheleia's Theme
    by Huerco S.
  5. DOLO 4
    by Dolo Percussion
  6. FUTURE TIMES CATALOG ++ Compilation
    by Various Artists
  7. Outrageous Soulz b/w Dreamerzzz
    by Maxmillion Dunbar
  8. Double Rainbow b/w Toughen Up
    by Protect-U
  9. FT048A
    by Jeremy Hyman
  10. Outer Space b/w Up 2 U
    by Dreamcast
  11. Planing b/w Sickos
    by Sami
  12. Sandopolis
    by Hashman Deejay
  13. Rise b/w Wise
    by Dawit & Dolo
  14. Orgies Of The Hemp Eaters
    by Max D
  15. VIBE 3 Compilation
    by Various Artists
  16. FUTURE TIMES CATALOG + Compilation
    by Various Artists
  17. Bicameral Mind (Max D Mix) b/w Astral Kin
    by House Of Doors / Kinetic Electronix
  18. Dreaming Tiger b/w World Of Spirits
    by Slava
  19. Plover b/w Whimbrel
    by Motoko & Myers
  20. Shimmerdown b/w SPQR
    by John Selway / Seltav
  21. Funk Do Sindicalismo b/w Agronomia Setorial
    by Japa Habilidoso
  22. Digitalis
    by Jordan GCZ
  23. Being
    by Shanti Celeste
  24. Boogie Vision b/w Snow Drift
    by Rhythm Based Lovers
  25. Timeism
    by Sir E.U
  26. 8
    by Model Home
  27. World Music
    by Protect-U
  28. Tuff Times
    by Mosey
  29. Free USA
    by Protect-U
  31. Boulevard Internacional
    by Repetentes 2008
  32. Couch
    by Jeremy Hyman
  33. At Ease
    by Will DiMaggio
  34. Boost
    by Max D
  35. Spacepod
    by Magic Mountain High
  36. Boulderball
    by Repetentes 2008