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  1. New Skin For Old Children
    by Nocturnal Habits
    The Staircase The Staircase
    Great collection of songs. Has a more personal vibe and is more eclectic than some of the Unwound records. Might not be what you may expect from Trosper compared to Unwound or Survival Knife, but I was pleasantly surprised. Only track I didn't dig was the final one....the female singer just didn't really seem to fit in the mix or blend with Justin's voice. Still worth a listen for the stellar instrumentation.
  2. Loose Power
    by Survival Knife
    Heaven Has No Eyes Heaven Has No Eyes
    With songs that still feel like Unwound, but could be a Stooges B-Side and contains some classically influenced guitar melodies. Plus it hits hard in surprising places, gets a bit prog-metal almost. Suggest listing to the whole album to get a feel, somehow it all works. The track Cut the Quick could have belonged on any Unwound record. I choose Heaven Has No Eyes because its seems to be the most pure form of all elements of the elements of the band.
  3. Cabin Music
    by Brundlefly & the Swede
    Cabin Music Side 1 Cabin Music Side 1
    love the last 4 minutes of side 1. great if you love any instrumental post rock with folk leanings. Think Pullman or Idyll Swords.