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  1. Up On High
    by VETIVER
    Wonderful direct and concise songs from
    Andy on this album. Where in the past, there was more of an atmosphere and space set for songs that slowly sucked you in, this is more like watching him play live with an amazing band for a private show. The effect is equally compelling, and speaks deeply to that side of me that can’t get enough of those early 70’s Northern Cali folk groups that speak directly into your ear from their hearts with a gentle, but restless melody.
  2. Seeing Is Believing b/w Shadows
    by The Superimposers
  3. Deceiver
    by DIIV
  4. American Hearts
    by A.A. Bondy
  5. Enderness
    by A.A. Bondy
  6. Overgrown Path
    by Chris Cohen
  7. Occasional Din
    by J Fernandez
    Volcanic Winter Volcanic Winter
    Amazing blend of 60's dream pop, 90's lofi, and early 2000's post rock. His most focused effort with brilliant melodies and arrangement. Best album of 2018 hands down!
  8. A Broke Moon Rises
    by Papa M
    The Pajo you know and love has returned with with most concise collection of songs. It's peaceful, yet jarring...and makes you want to hit play again to solidify the sounds in your mind. Lovely.
  9. Way Out Weather
    by Steve Gunn
    Fiction Fiction
    So much great stuff on this album. It's like the Grateful Dead stopped noodling and made a more folk influenced record, but more psych and less filler.
  10. Dust
    by I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
    Come Undone Come Undone
    They return with an enigma of an album....less pop...more drone...but catchy in so many ways.
  11. Somersault
    by Beach Fossils
    Social Jetlag Social Jetlag
    This album pulls back the Lo-Fi cassette sound of their prior releases without compromising the integrity of their style. Great songwriting and arrangements with lush strings and samples. It takes all the best elements of their early work and expands on the production to give the songs more depth. Highly recommended.
  12. New Skin For Old Children
    by Nocturnal Habits
    The Staircase The Staircase
    Great collection of songs. Has a more personal vibe and is more eclectic than some of the Unwound records. Might not be what you may expect from Trosper compared to Unwound or Survival Knife, but I was pleasantly surprised. Only track I didn't dig was the final one....the female singer just didn't really seem to fit in the mix or blend with Justin's voice. Still worth a listen for the stellar instrumentation.
  13. Loose Power
    by Survival Knife
    Heaven Has No Eyes Heaven Has No Eyes
    With songs that still feel like Unwound, but could be a Stooges B-Side and contains some classically influenced guitar melodies. Plus it hits hard in surprising places, gets a bit prog-metal almost. Suggest listing to the whole album to get a feel, somehow it all works. The track Cut the Quick could have belonged on any Unwound record. I choose Heaven Has No Eyes because its seems to be the most pure form of all elements of the elements of the band.
  14. Cabin Music
    by Brundlefly & the Swede
    Cabin Music Side 1 Cabin Music Side 1
    love the last 4 minutes of side 1. great if you love any instrumental post rock with folk leanings. Think Pullman or Idyll Swords.