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  1. 200 and 4
    by Goya
  2. Summon Destroyer
    by Sumeru
  3. Self Titled e.p
    by Sumeru
  4. Holy Lands
    by Sumeru
  5. Fear of a Dead Planet
    by Planet of the Dead
    Entropy Entropy
    I love the vocals! The voice and the guitars in Entropy remind me on Gorefest from the Netherlands. My kitty seems to enjoy the music, too, while getting scratched. Five meows from her. And she never gives five meows!
  6. II
    by The Devil And The Almighty Blues
  7. TRE
    by The Devil And The Almighty Blues
  8. Vol.1
    Frente al Volcan Frente al Volcan
  9. Caminando en la Luna/LP
    Al Viento Entender Al Viento Entender
  10. Temaukel, the spirit before time
    Psilocybeat Psilocybeat
    These guys really made an awesome progress, you can hear it if you compare their early albums to their latest. The music is getting better even if it was already a really good piece of music at the beginning.
  11. En vivo W2014
    Planeta Muerto Planeta Muerto
  12. Tierra del Fuego
    Del Vendaval Del Vendaval
    I'm pretty sure there is a huge and heavy space craft somewhere in Santiago de Chile about to start its journey through the solar system. It's so big and heavy its engines produce a deep and fuzzy sound you can even hear here in Europe.
  13. Rituals (Death Metal)
    by CRAWL (Sweden)
    Breathing Violence Breathing Violence
    I love it so I had to buy it and take a shirt, too, so I never have to be naked anymore so my colleagues at work won't be disturbed anymore of my little bouncy noodle. It feels like I just saved the world. Oh happy day, this is beautiful! Just like this album. Oh dear my English is probably terrible.
  14. Heela Monsta
    by Heela Monsta
    Heela monsta´s worst reputation of reptile world Heela monsta´s worst reputation of reptile world
    I love the mystic and psychedelic atmosphere this album spreads.
  15. Double fisting shoes
    by Baden Baden
    As already described: The album cover is misleading. This is an awesome psychedelic album with some Indian influcences. What a pitty Baden Baden has not released more music. They are made some really good work!
  16. Space Sounds
    by Los Tábanos Experience
    Transatlantico Transatlantico
    The whole album is a listening pleasure, very relaxing and spacey. I'm looking forward to get more of this stuff.
  17. Tortuga
    by Tortuga
    A'tuin's Journey A'tuin's Journey
  18. Deities
    by Tortuga
    Galeón de Manila Galeón de Manila
    There are only two words which describe this album the best: Fantastic album! I love the vocals and the guitars. And I would really like to see the cover on a shirt someday.
  19. The Curse of Entropy
    by Teeth
    Vessel Vessel
    Theeth. Hell yeah! What a great name! This album is so powerful! Just imagine an a...hole. Someone who is making the life of other people very difficult. A parasite who thinks he can dominate other people. I'm sure nearly anyone knows this kind of a...hole. It's somebody you wish to drown in his own blood. Now this album sounds like beating this a...hole with one of his f... bones in his face and ripping out some his cute little face with your teeth. :)
  20. Everybody's Going To Die
    by Church of the Cosmic Skull
    Into The Skull Into The Skull
    I have no clue what the reason is but almost anything I'm hearing from the Church of the Cosmic Skull electrifies me. I would really love to see them one day live in northern Germany – preferably in Oldenburg. ;)
  21. Saint-Jean-de-Luz
    by Solar Corona
  22. Unveil
    by PASTOR
    Chaos Age Rises Chaos Age Rises
    Great to see a new album after a long time. There are many great tracks on this album. What a pleasure to listen to their music with my new quality earphones.
  23. Spiraled Beyond The Reach
    by Meteor Vortex
    Reset Down The Macrocosm Reset Down The Macrocosm
  24. Commune
    by The Galactoids
    Ask Yourself (WCYD) Ask Yourself (WCYD)
    Catchy tunes, interesting voice, very well played instruments and an overall spacey sound. In my opinion a true little gem here on Bandcamp!
  25. Waiting Room for the Magic Hour
    by Sacri Monti
  26. Nitrogen
    by Mantra Machine
  27. Heliosphere
    by Mantra Machine
  28. Stage One (EP)
    by Mantra Machine
  29. Tętno Pulsu
    by Lastryko
    Sześć Sześć
    The whole album is awesome. I liked the first one, too, but this one is nearly perfect. And hey: These guys are from the city of my birth! Hell yeah!
  30. Lastryko
    by Lastryko
  31. Talking Classics Compact Disc On the Internet
    by Keith Apicary
    Four Bright Buttons and Two Joysticks "Neo Geo" Four Bright Buttons and Two Joysticks "Neo Geo"
    Keith is the retro gaming king, he is the man! If there is anyone outside interested in vintage gaming who doesn't know who Keith Apicary is he or she should be ashamed!
  32. My Darling Girl / Smokestack Lightnin' - Single
    by The Shelter People
  33. Jambalaya - DEMO
    by The Shelter People
  34. Watermellon
    by Bin Juice
  35. Folk Songs for Double Bass
    by Neal Heppleston
    Bonny Ship the Diamond Bonny Ship the Diamond
    I love the sound of the double bass and this is a wonderful album in which this instrument is put in the foreground.
  36. moontoy
    by Moontoy
  37. Session 26 - 2019
    by Eat Fugu
  38. Death Ritual
    by Yatra
  39. Lucy in Space with Dhidalah
    by Dhidalah
    Astro (part 1) Astro (part 1)
    The Astro track is simply marvelous! Holy sh*t, this is perfect!
  40. Moon People
    by Dhidalah
  41. Counter Earth ( LIVE @ 20000denatu)
    by dhidalah
  42. TOKE
    by Toke
  43. (Orange)
    by Toke
  44. Coming Home
    by COSMOS
  45. Cosmos
    by COSMOS