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  2. Jazz
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  1. Metropolis
    by Metropolis
  2. III
    by Kalax
    by Northern Lights
  4. Thanks in Advance
    by Ollie Wride
  5. Godspeed
    by Morten Schantz
    Martial Arts Martial Arts
    Just amazing! I thought I was listening to Billy Cobham on drums. The entire album is fantastic but Martial Arts just sends me! Highly recommended.
  6. Together, As One
    by Dinosaur
  7. Into The Trees
    by Zoe Keating
  8. Scintilla
    by Catacombe
    Arruda Arruda
    This band really hits the sweet spot for me!
    A lot of time music this powerful tends to get compressed but not here. Powerful, airy, textured and tasty. On vinyl this record, on top of it being great music,really scratched an itch for hearing great, satisfying sounds. I’ll reach for this one often!
  9. Juniper
    by Slowly Rolling Camera
    Listening to the track Eight days through my all tube system it basically threw a 17 foot high sound stage! Amazing! Wonderful album.
  10. Infection In The Sentence
    by Sarah Tandy
  11. Ancestry
    by Sunna Gunnlaugs
  12. Black Cherry (Piercing The Veil in Dub)
    by Organic Grooves / William Parker & Hamid Drake
  13. The Other Side Of Air
    by Myra Melford's Snowy Egret
  14. Night Express
    by Black Disco
  15. Raw Cause
    by 1000 Kings
  16. Universal Beings
    by Makaya McCraven
  17. When The World Was One
    by Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra
  18. There Is A Place
    by Maisha
  19. Tales They Told Me
    by Chok Kerong
  20. Heavenly Bodies
    by Midnight Faces
  21. Omni
    by NAVVI