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  1. Babyface
    by Nick Lush
    More Than Gold More Than Gold
    Great arrangements - fantastic sax on My Town, and lovely Tom Waits (Heart of Saturday Night) feelings on More Than Gold
  2. No Labor-Saving Machine
    by Moses Nesh
    The Onion The Onion
    Can something evoke a beautiful old world feeling if it's so unique that it seems to make a world in and of itself? I don't know, but this record certainly feels that way.
  3. Temperate Touch, Tropical Tears
    by Stolen Violin
    Romance At The Petrol Station Romance At The Petrol Station
    Fuzzy, thoughtful, and sublime.
  4. State Of Mind
    by Felix Lush
    State Of Mind State Of Mind
  5. Life Labors in the Choir
    by twain
    Old Blue Old Blue
    As a listener and a fellow artist, some writers will stay with you for your entire life. The first time I heard Mt Davidson's voice - Are We in Heaven ringing through my headphones - is a moment I won't forget for a long time. These songs have been a light & a voice in some very dark times in my life. I've seen my own art, the people I love, and the world around me, in a different light. Thank you for bringing this, and all your songs, into the world - hard forgotten, and beautifully won.
    by Ainslie Wills
    Constellations Constellations
    Polished, punchy, and bold - all led and tied into one by Ainslie's intricate and flawless delivery. This pair of musicians never fail to enchant and flourish.