This is Oscar Maxim’s music collection on Bandcamp.

Oscar Maxim

  1. Berlin, Germany
  2. Electronic
  1. collection 40
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  3. following 33
    by Unknown
    by Unknown Artist
  3. Habibi Funk 008: Muslims and Christians
    by Kamal Keila
    by Unknown Artist
  5. Parts Unknown
    by JAJA
  6. Habibi Funk 007: An eclectic selection of music from the Arab world
    by Various Artists
  7. M.RUX - Djoungou (Edit)
    by M.RUX
  8. Death Shark [Prod. by Fonda]
    by Lakutis
  9. Isle Of Light (Raw Mix)
    by Krywald & Farrer
  10. City Birds and Country Folk
    by Kusht
  11. Bangalore Whispers (Peter Power Remix)
    by Andi Otto
  12. Espìritu de Protección
    by Nicola Cruz
  13. Invocacion (Uji Remix)
    by Nicola Cruz
  14. Mount Kaskar
    by Zimt
  15. VAgabunden Teil 2
    by Various Birds
  16. VAgabunden Teil 1
    by Various Birds
  17. Dueños de la cima con Rodrigo Gallardo
    by Derrok
  18. Ser Consciente
    by Intiche
  19. Ya Lur
    by Kraut, Wasim Arslan
  20. Mare Insularum
    by V.A.
  21. Botanas: JAJA
    by JAJA
  22. Botanas: Muno
    by Muno
  23. Nissim (with Amir Yaghmai)
    by The Gaslamp Killer
  24. The Do - Laulelet (Martha & Ninze Edit)
    by Nomade Records
  25. Coconut Kingdom
    by Timboletti
  26. Habibi Funk 006: Modern Music
    by Al Massrieen
  27. Sangre Goajira (Dandara Edit)
    by Los Indígenas
  28. 1Löffelchen
    by Various Birds
  29. ÌFÉ - House of Love (Nicola Cruz Remix)
    by ÌFÉ
  30. Ibu Selva - Carolina de Jesus - O Pobre e o Rico (Bootleg)
    by Tropical Twista Records
  31. Nostalgias
    by Rodrigo Gallardo
  32. Dawn
    by Haunted Water ☕
  33. Kayak Break EP
    by Barrio Lindo
  34. Expediciones: Matanza ∞ Oceanvs Orientalis
    by Matanza ∞ Oceanvs Orientalis
  35. Confluencias II: Montaña
    by Shika Shika
  36. Botanas: Universildo
    by Universildo
  37. Calidoso
    by History of Colour
  38. Especias EP
    by Kraut
  39. Confluencias I: Selva
    by Shika Shika
  40. Botanas: Haunted Water
    by Haunted Water