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  1. Determined to Rot
    by Mutilatred
  2. Reign Supreme (Deluxe Edition)
    by Dying Fetus
    Revisionist Past Revisionist Past
    If I had to choose between World Peace and this Album my choice would be pretty obvious: REIGN SUPREME
  3. Quiescence
    Stretched and Devoured (feat. Angel Ochoa) Stretched and Devoured (feat. Angel Ochoa)
  4. Summoning The Cataclysm
    by Azaab
  5. Chimaera
  6. Acts Of God
    by Immolation
    Overtures O The Wicked Overtures O The Wicked
    Immolation always delivered at least decent Death Metal. But this time they went one step over the line and created a fucking masterpiece. 15 Tracks of unstopable hatred and brutality. Great work!
  7. Cold
    by Vomit the Soul
  8. Realms of Exquisite Morbidity
    by Malignant Altar
  9. Epitaph
    by Necrophagist
    Only Ash Remains Only Ash Remains
    Pinnacle of technicality. One of my all time favorites and genre-defying
  10. Nightmare Logic
    by Power Trip
    Crucifixation Crucifixation
    Just raw fucking Thrash! RIP Riley Gale
    by Cognizance
  12. Abhorrent Castigation | Throne of Existential Abandonment
    by New Standard Elite
  13. Injury Deepen | Anthropophagous Realm
    by New Standard Elite
  14. Vulnus | Vessels of Throe
    by New Standard Elite
  15. Visceral | Involución Parasitoide
    by New Standard Elite
  16. Meshum | Enigmatic Existential Essence
    by New Standard Elite
  17. Embodied Torment | Liturgy of Ritual Execution
    by New Standard Elite
  18. Unbirth | Fleshforged Columns Of Deceit
    by New Standard Elite
  19. Gore Infamous | Cadaver In Methodical Overture
    by New Standard Elite
  20. Disentomb | Misery
    by New Standard Elite