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  1. Devotional Doom
    by Mephistofeles
  2. III: Hell on Earth
    by Sahara
  3. Loose Sutures - A Gash With Sharp Teeth and Other Tales
    by Electric Valley Records
  4. Dixie Goat - There's No Light Without Darkness
    by Electric Valley Records
    by Forbidden Place Records
  6. Darktripsy Sessions In Transylvania (EP)
    by Loud
    The Acid Queen The Acid Queen
    I love how dirty & raw this is, combined with dope riffs, its quite the piece. I can not stress enough how much I want this on Vinyl (And Spotify, come on dont make me listen to music on bandcamp, lol)
  7. Trip to Poland
    by WEEDIAN
    Belzebong - Diabolical Dopenosis Belzebong - Diabolical Dopenosis
    Hard to pick a favorite, as Poland is a powerhouse for metal & rock, however Belzebong has a special place in my heart.
  8. Trip to Italy
    by WEEDIAN
    Black Spell - Mefistofele Black Spell - Mefistofele
    Awesome compilation, may I suggest the next location? France.
  9. Baptism of Desire
    by Final Gasp
    Final Gasp Final Gasp
  10. Diabolical Omen of Hell
    by Lord Mortvm
    Altar Obscene Altar Obscene
  11. The Black Cat Bone Spell
    by Big Daddy's Breakfast Voodoo
    Hobo with a Shotglass Hobo with a Shotglass
  12. Vendetta
    by Sonic Demon
  13. Alive Ruins
    by A Borrowing Kid Generation
  14. Bleed the Days
    by Eternal Black
  15. Melt - "The Secret Teaching of Sorrow"
    by Forbidden Place Records
    by Forbidden Place Records
  17. GARY LEE CONNER - "The Microdot Gnome"
    by Forbidden Place Records
  18. ED HALL - Permission to Rock... Denied!
    by Forbidden Place Records
  19. The Ecstasy of Infinite Sterility
    by KRAUSE
    Trouble with Every Last Bastard at the Bar Trouble with Every Last Bastard at the Bar
    This is the first noiserock album I ever listened to. I discovered it in October 2019, originally I only liked the first song, but this album has really grown on me, loving the entire album, so I decided to cop it over a year later.

    Thank you, Krause, for introducing me to Noiserock, I'm not too familiar with the scene, but I hope to discover many more awesome bands like yours, and sorry for the weird review, lol.
  20. Swamp Royale (Professor Electric vs. Froglord)
    by The Swamp Records
    Deathray (Froglord cover) Deathray (Froglord cover)
    I didnt expect this crossover, but I sure welcome it. Really enjoyed this, cheers!