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  1. The Unholy Grail
    by Crusadist
  2. An Elegy for the Lost
    by Black Aevum
  3. Hive (remastered with brand new track)
    by Hath
  4. Bloodstrike - Execution of Violence
    by Bloodstrike
  5. The Chills
    by Horrendous
  6. Vocant Profundum
    by Nälzer
  7. This Cracking Shelter
    by The Invict
  8. Into the Necrosphere
    by Cosmovore
  9. The Scryer
    by Æpoch
  10. Firelink
    by Firelink
  11. Brimstone
    by Necurat
  12. Aphotic Veil
    by Exgenesis
  13. Providence
    by Ulthar
  14. Ecdysis
    by Horrendous
  15. Viperous
    by Vredehammer
  16. Cenotaph Obscure
    by Obliteration
  17. Other Slices
    by Slice The Cake
  18. Odyssey to the Gallows
    by Slice The Cake
  19. Stone and Silver Part I - The Mountains of Man (Single)
    by Slice The Cake
  20. The Exile Part II - The City of Destruction (Single)
    by Slice The Cake