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  1. It’s Not Too Early For Each Other
    by clocolan
  2. Crush
    by Floating Points
  3. Harvest
    by Germany Germany
  4. Kestrel Manoeuvres In The Dark
    by Datassette
  5. Bones
    by Datach’i
  6. Jynx
    by Aaberg
    Harvest Harvest
    A worthy follow-up to his debut album, Jynx presents a selection of reflective and sometimes melancholy vocal fragments against a beautifully clean and percussive backdrop.
  7. Ascension
    by Samana
    The Art Of Revolution The Art Of Revolution
    Beautiful, considered and shamelessly bohemian from start to finish. The instrumentation pulls you through a mystical fog into a lush landscape and its poetic lyrics sit you down and force you to think yourself out of your comfort zone. The production is mesmerising and a few stand-out songs - The Art of Revolution, and Blue Requiem - have become staples.
  8. Albatross
    by Aaberg
    Margot Margot
    Aaberg has developed a distinctive and captivating sound that pulls you in while washing over you. It's beautiful to listen to, perfectly blending acoustic and electronic elements behind ethereal lyrics.
    by WEN
    A light show in your mind, Ephem:era is impossible to experience by sound alone. Some of the tracks tickle you with their complexity, while others are simple yet effective.
  10. Fragment
    by Maelstrom
    CPU have been putting out some incredible records, and this is no exception. How people can keep reinventing acid is beyond me, but Maelstrom does just that. It's a straightforward sound in many ways, but it hits hard.
    by LORN
    Lorn seems to capture an imagined past that you're reluctant to let go of. Memory Management in particular is haunting in its faded familiarity. A beautiful album!
  12. VORTEX
    by Special Request
    Snaps with electricity and disintegrates all over your eardrums. Best listened to out of laptop speakers at the back of a bus.
  13. Congi - The Remixes
    by Chord Marauders
    A2. Geode - Never Forget (Congi Remix) A2. Geode - Never Forget (Congi Remix)
    Chord Marauders have become a shorthand for reliable and intersting dubstep, long after the genre should have died. The artists featured on these remixes are at the top of their game.
  14. Polychrome
    by KOAN Sound
    Chilli Daddy Chilli Daddy
    Koan Sound have always been defined by their insanely detailed reese basses, and this album showcases the versatility of that endeavour. Every track seems to break sonic ground, while still allowing the album to work well as a whole.
    by Lapalux
    Echoes of Boards of Canada, while still feeling like a Lapalux release. Immediately makes you want to reach for your synthesizers and make something just like it.
  16. Poppy Tears
    by Faex Optim // PBS'73
    Learning Station Learning Station
    Has a transcendent and cathartic quality while always keeping you alert and interested. Mesmerising!
  17. 63 Days
    by dan le sac
    Happy Bombs Happy Bombs
    With hints of Lusine and Rival Consoles, 63 Days nevertheless inhabits its own space, and offers a varied but cohesive soundscape.
  18. Yesterday Network
    by PBS'73
    Butterfly Inside Butterfly Inside
    Among the best hauntology artists out there, surfacing all sorts of weird 70s and 80s imagery from deep within your subconscious.
  19. FLO - Emeria EP
    by Chord Marauders
    Turn Around Turn Around
    Heard Aphex Twin drop 'Turn Around' at Field Day last year, and the song has been haunting me ever since. The EP is so cohesive, I'm surprised it's only his first.
  20. Live at Funkhaus Berlin, 10th May 2018
    by Four Tet
    I saw Four Tet live, but he was interrupted by technical issues, and so this was the next best thing!
  21. IM004 - 123Mrk - Noname EP
    by 123Mrk
    02.- Unrest 02.- Unrest
    Have listened to this pretty consistently since buying it a few years ago, and it's still a stand-out within the genre.
  22. Albatross
    by Aaberg
    Margot Margot
    Aaberg has developed a distinctive and captivating sound that pulls you in while washing over you. It's beautiful to listen to, perfectly blending acoustic and electronic elements behind ethereal lyrics.
  23. Claustro / State Forest
    by Burial
    State Forest State Forest
    Though Claustro is a banger, State Forest presents a perfect expression of Burial's sound, stripped of all its club energy but still pushing on those halcyon buttons. Feels devastating and reassuring at the same time.
  24. Silent Running
    by 65daysofstatic
    The Scattered Disk The Scattered Disk
    So glad I caught one of the few vinyl copies they unearthed recently. A beautiful album and a fantastic concept.
    by LORN
    Such a precious collection of tracks, giving you an insight into one of the most consistent and prolific producers of his time.
  26. Polar Bear LP
    by Chord Marauders
    A staggering collection of artists, all of whom deserve more recognition than they have. Geode's Peppermint is a standout, swirling with cheeky synth stabs.
  27. E-Unity ~ Tallarita EP ~ FTD009
    by E-Unity
    Everlasting Legacy (Collage Mix) Everlasting Legacy (Collage Mix)
    This makes me feel sick deep down, and I like it a lot.
  28. Index Hole
    by SDEM
    6448 6448
    Suffocating, abrasive and overwhelming. Perfect.
  29. Excitable, Girl
    by 96 Back
    Matryoshka Matryoshka
    The second release I bought on CPU, and I still go back to it. It quickly boots you into a state of frenetic consciousness.
  30. Tonbo
    by Organise
    Tonbo Tonbo
    I made this. It's absolutely staggering.
  31. Demiurge
    by Organise
    Mariposa Mariposa
    I made this, and you should bare that in mind when listening to it.
  32. Where Things Are Hollow
    by Pye Corner Audio
  33. Dive
    by Tycho
  34. Pink & Blue (RAC Mix)
    by Tycho
  35. Running Up That Hill
    by Candy Says & Marc Canham
  36. Spit It Out!
    by Max Blansjaar
  37. Where Do I Begin?
    by Profusion
  38. Abelard
    by Abelard
    Channel 5 News Team Channel 5 News Team
    The acceptable face of Vaporwave.
  39. Veriditas
    by Helios
  40. Below (Original Soundtrack)
    by Jim Guthrie
  41. Forest Range
    by Aaberg
  42. Time to Run
    by Only Child Tyrant
  43. Heron
    by Aaberg
  44. In A Dream
    by The Juan Maclean
  45. Beneath The Ice
    by Samana