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  1. Per Antiquum Chaos Divina Animae Fides
    by Fhoi Myore
  2. Catubodua
    by Catubodua
  3. Annwvyn
    by Evohé
  4. Tellus Mater
    by Evohé
  5. Stop Believing Lies
    by mosh-pit justice
  6. Atra Musica (Griffon/Darkenhöld)
    by Darkenhöld
  7. Live at l'Altherax
    by Artefact
  8. Memoria Sylvarum
    by Darkenhöld
  9. Uni aux cimes
    by Orakle
  10. Castellum reissue (2018)
    by Darkenhöld
  11. Echoes From The Stone Keeper
    by Darkenhöld
  12. The Forgotten Tome
    by Overoth
  13. A Brief Introduction to Human Experiments
    by Ad Patres
  14. A Passage To The Towers
    by Darkenhöld
  15. The One Who Lurks
  16. AURORA BOREALIS - Apokalupsis (2018)
    by Aurora Borealis
  17. Infrared Horizon
  18. Those Who Beheld the End
    by Denominate
  19. Urraca
    by Sunless
  20. Ritualization - Sacraments to the Sons of the Abyss
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
  21. Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
    by Christian Muenzner
  22. The Crypts Of Sleep
    by Hannes Grossmann
  23. Boundless Obscenity
    by Brain Drill
    by Cryptopsy