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  1. Raleigh, North Carolina
  2. Folk
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  1. Heartburn64
    by Jacob Norman Chainsaw-Arm
    Civilization III Civilization III
  2. Dysphoria|Dysmorphia
    by ((softly))
    Dysphoria|Dysmorphia Dysphoria|Dysmorphia
  3. the night sky
    by Cottontail
  4. Bad Victim
    by Porch Cat
    It's Too Quiet It's Too Quiet
  5. split w/ lady queen paradise
    by alyssa kai
    revelation (alyssa kai) revelation (alyssa kai)
  6. split w/ foster carrots
    by alyssa kai
    prelapse (alyssa kai) prelapse (alyssa kai)
  7. split w/ r.u.u.n.e.
    by alyssa kai
    stealing sunglasses (alyssa kai) stealing sunglasses (alyssa kai)
  8. Yellow Version EP
    by Rapidashby and the Officer Jennys
    Pokemon Go (Home) Pokemon Go (Home)
  9. Swimming In Static
    by Izzy and the Chimera
    On My Own On My Own
    The lyrics do such a cool little dance with the guitar, and the solo is so clean. Love it!
  10. Fictional Life
    by Izzy and the Chimera
    Portland Dream Portland Dream
  11. Jaded. dark love songs
    by be steadwell
    haunted haunted
  12. Benthic
    by sunfilter
    Dewdrop Gondola Dewdrop Gondola
    It's like a small toy train from another universe is coming at you very fast from very far away and then it's here and it's passing through your brain!
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  13. Teenage Witch
    by Ashby and the Oceanns
    The Heat! The Fire! The Heat! The Fire!
    I love this album. My roommate always has it playing in her car. Be ready for minor existential crises on the first listen.
  14. Heartlines
    by Porch Cat
    Coming Out Coming Out
    I like the way all the songs go with each other. Everything is recorded clean enough to hear the cool tremolos and voice tricks.
  15. Stay Inside
    by Just Nick
    Anthrax Shirt Anthrax Shirt
    A really fun EP, good to walk to. Compelling stories.
  16. Ukulele Love Songs
    by Empty Disco
    First Year First Year
    I bought my own album to see how it worked, and for some reason it's letting me review myself. This is a good system.

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  1. Still Gonna Be Fine
    by Madeline Ava