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  1. Ker-Chunga Machine (211806-2300)
    by The Ambient Fish Society
  2. VII
    by Darken Wood
  3. Excretion of Mortality
    by Cerebral Rot
  4. Abhorrent Rapture
    by Witch Vomit
  5. Keepers of the Fungal Order
    by Hideous Gomphidius
  6. Spore Sorcery
    by Hideous Gomphidius
  7. Kingslayer
    by Draconic Regicide
  9. Unconquerable Death
    by Invultation
  10. Invultation
    by Invultation
  11. Wolfstrap
    by Invultation
  12. Old Lost Tales
    by Serpent's Isle
  13. Tales of Frigid Waters
    by Serpent's Isle
  14. Archaic Oceans
    by Serpent's Isle
  15. The Quiet Lakes
    by Serpent's Isle
  16. Legends of The Ancient Bay
    by Serpent's Isle
  17. Visitors from Afar Encounter Parallel Convergences
    by The Soviet Space Dog Project
  18. Soul Diminished
    by Celestial Sanctuary
  19. Morbid Despotic Ritual
    by Gosudar
  20. Chasm of Rapturous Delirium
    by Exaugurate