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  1. Verses In Oath
    by Hulder
  2. Marten
    by Brume
  3. The Last Letter of Winter
    by Frostgard
  4. Klanen​/​Μνήμα​/​Celestial Sword​/​The Oracle
    by Klanen​/​Μνήμα​/​Celestial Sword​/​The Oracle
  5. Dreamers
    by Haunt
  6. Lullaby of the Crystal Eyed Squeaker
    by Frog Concert
  7. By Fire and Brimstone
    by Solitary Sabred
  8. Temple of the Serpent
    by Solitary Sabred
  9. Redemption Through Force
    by Solitary Sabred
  10. One Knight Stands: Live In NY
    by Castle
  11. Old Nick - The Vanitous Specter
    by Old Nick
  12. Eg Er Framand
    by Sylvaine
    by Chimney Rocks Records
  14. Into the Realm
    by Castle Rat
  15. Garden of Heathens
    by Heavy Temple
  16. The Blade
    by Sol Invictus
  17. The Cruellest Month
    by Sol Invictus
  18. With Dreams of Hereafter
    by Hole Dweller
  19. Distant Stars
    by Emerald Woods
    End of the Cycle End of the Cycle
    Scoped this out because the ship on the cover is clearly the Donnager from The Expanse. Track titles are very in line with The Expanse book titles and themes, so had to give this a listen. Yes, please. Here for it. The symphonic elements of this are so strong, honestly this would work extremely well as an instrumental, but the vocals bring that other/alien element to life.
  20. Eternal Sorcery
    by ONE OF NINE