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  1. misery guests
    by Ostraaly
  2. Chew Your Mind
    by Gem Bones
  3. Everything That I've Stolen
    by Lauren Abineri
  4. Thrills In The Dark
    by Cuss
  5. If You Could Touch Her At All
    by Bill Callahan
  6. surf ii
    by Nicholas Allbrook
  7. Please Daddy
    by Sarah Mary Chadwick
  8. Enderness
    by A.A. Bondy
  9. Affectations
    by The Finks
  10. Have Friends and Visit Them at Night
    by SMRTS
  11. Slow Point - Kanjiro
    by Pouring Dream
  12. Live at Camp Doogs
    by The Feast of Snakes
  13. kinjarling studies: soundtracks
    by amby downs
  14. The Gamelan of the Walking Warriors
    by Various Artists
  15. Bulawayo Blue Yodel
    by Various Artists
  16. Heritage Listed Darkness Park
    by Chris Cobilis
  17. Trying
    by AA Matheson
  18. When The Tree Bears Fruit
    by Parsnip
  19. Lofi merda
    by Timothy K Brown
  20. (I'm) Plasticine
    by Lyndon Blue
  21. ya mai mo
    by ya mai mo
  22. Black Barbie
    by Baby Kool
  23. If I Had a Pair of Wings: Jamaican Doo Wop, Vol. 1
    by Various Artists
  24. Shelter Belt
    by Mount Trout
  25. The Queen Who Stole The Sky
    by Sarah Mary Chadwick
  26. Transporter
    by Truly Holy
  27. Morning Venom
    by Emlyn Johnson
  28. Junction and High
    by Sleeper and Snake
  29. Never Again
    by Cuss
  30. B.Y.O'Connor
    by The Fruity Whites
  31. Warm Corona
    by Lyndon Blue
  32. beatrix83
    by Truly Holy
  33. Silver Drop
    by Gregor
  34. Devotion
    by Laura Jean
  35. Deep in The Big
    by Rabbit Island
  36. Named
    by Orlando furious
  37. Sugar Still Melts In The Rain (AUS/NZ)
    by Sarah Mary Chadwick
  38. 1 x 1
    by Lyndon Blue
  39. This Is You
    by Chris Cobilis (performed by Spektral Quartet and Kenneth Goldsmith)
  40. Internet Dating Website Universal Application
    by Li'l Leonie Lionheart
  41. Contested Mark
    by Emlyn Johnson
  42. Sit Down and Pour
    by Sarah Mary Chadwick
  43. Hold Me
    by Two Steps on the Water
  44. Zastani
    by Rita Revell
  45. Pianola Roll
    by Zevende Klasse