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  1. The Best Of Ballard Landscapes Plus - Volume 2
    by Cousin Silas
  2. Modular Works II
    by State Azure
  3. Trivial Occupations Remixes
    by Francis Harris
  4. Spectrum Green
    by Specta Ciera
  5. Different Perspectives
    by Specta Ciera & The Circular Ruins
  6. Echo Of Longing
    by Max Corbacho
  7. Planetary Confinement
    by In The Branches
  8. Live at Imbolc Sleep Concert (Early Preview)
    by In The Branches
    subscriber exclusive
  9. Twelve
    by Low Orbit Satellite
  10. So Long, Eternity
    by State Azure
  11. Horizon Matrix
    by Max Corbacho
  12. The Fortean Project (waag_rel122)
    by Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons
  13. The Emporium Project - 1point2 (waag_rel124)
    by weareallghosts
  14. The Emporium Project - 1point1 (waag_rel123)
    by weareallghosts
  15. Monuments
    by In The Branches and Neglect
  16. Evolve
    by The Adaptive
  17. The Long Way Home (Single)
    by Metamorphosis & The Adaptive
  18. In The Branches
    by In The Branches
  19. Approaching the Glowing Horizon (The Adaptive's Early Mix)
    by Infinite Brothers
    subscriber exclusive
  20. Sky Patterns (Single)
    by In The Branches