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  1. Feed Me with Your Heart
    by ponyphonic
  2. nothing perfect
    by GHOST
  3. アイオライトに
    by GHOST
  4. Thanks to You Song That I Don't Understand How People Like It I'm Forced to Listen to This S**t Everyday Cause My F***ing Sister Plays This Every Time Without Getting Bored of Listening to It Thanks Ghost for This Piece of S**t You Introduced Into My Life
    by GHOST
  5. The Chattering Lack of Common Sense
    by GHOST
  6. Candle Queen
    by Silver Chord Music & GHOST
  7. Those Who Carried On
    by GHOST
  8. Spider on the Wall
    by GHOST
  9. Honey I'm Home
    by GHOST
  10. Hyperdontia
    by Creep-P and GHOST
  11. Novocaine
    by Creep-P & GHOST
  12. XCOM Legacy (Original Soundtrack)
    by 2K Music
  13. Campaign EP
    by Bog Wizard
  14. bugdaughter
    by mintsyrup
  15. medicine
    by mintsyrup