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  2. Punk
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  2. Sons of the Southern Cross
    by Dead Kelly
  3. Such Is Life
    by Dead Kelly
  4. Misanthropy
    by Teethgrinder
  5. Swamp Hammer
    by Bodydrinkers
  6. Here Are The Facts [LTE-003]
    by Rumor Kontrol
  7. The Classic Years
    by Trophywives
  8. Fall Apart Gang
    by The Scuntz
    Friends are Dead Friends are Dead
    Belfast Crew! Perhaps drunken shenanigans were shenanigened here. I believe this is a fully tops progression from the fully tops last album. HONK! Very good n can't be faulted except the simple fact the digital album doesn't come with a free pint of the ole Darkness. sheesh. 5/5 Yurt!
  9. Primitive
    by Toxic Carnage
  10. Inner Gateways To The Slumbering Equilibrium At The Center Of Cosmos
    by Burial
  11. Escape to Weird Mountain Volume 8
    by Forbidden Place Records
  12. Riffs and Spliffs Volume II
    by Various Artists [MAGNETIC EYE RECORDS 2016 SAMPLER]
  13. Muerte - self-titled LP (SPHC-55)
    by SPHC Records
    Egoismo Egoismo
    Reminds me heaps of a fully mixed bag of all the different epic punk ass tunes from 80s/90s skatebaord movie soundtracks. This is a fuckin awesome thing to be reminded of. Good job youse YAR!
  14. Tour Demo
    by Apteria
  15. Hauntus
    by Hauntus
    Never Been Over Never Been Over
    Oi cunts! if you like any kind of music that doesn't involve that fuckwit arseclown Kanye West or whatever the flog calls himself now this shit is for you. They are from Newcastle Australia so GFY.
    Get drunk n pump mad tunes ya schooey head.
    Thrash music and Hardcore joining forces that chase down the good times and piss on all the neighbours fences for shits n giggles..
    i pumped it 5 times in a row and was yelling shit left right and center driving down the road. I rate it heaps ya fuckers

  16. The Avalanche In Me - SINGLE
  17. Burial - Relinquished Souls
    by Burial
  18. Hoots Mon
    by Blister
    Church Boy Church Boy
    An E.P that flew under the rader of Australian Rock'N'Roll history. It's fully fuckn tops ey so add it to your collection so they get back together and Gordy doesn't have to play with those mouthy cunts Frenzal Rhomb any more (they are fuckn tops too but ey yeah nah yeah). Great tunes to make you happy, to get drunk to, to make love to or wank to too. Yip! Fuckn belter yerrrrr
  19. Gonna Put You Down
    by Psycho Sonic Boris and Hosenfefer
  20. Semper Pessimus
    by Acid Age
    Oh What an Artist Dies in Me Oh What an Artist Dies in Me
    This is the balls of amaze when you weren't even looking for balls or being amazed. Come 'ere hey hi! She's a keeper that's fursure. Mad skills on all the instruments with waves of sonic madness and serenity to get you to the place you want to be. A definite must have album and after a few listens the neighbours will love your high repeat efforts on the stereo.