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  1. Love Is Superficial
    by Starsha Lee
  2. Silver Tongue
    by TORRES
  3. We Are The Small Ones
    by Kimberly Freeman
  4. Tears In Heaven (Eric Clapton Cover)
    by Kimberly Freeman
  5. 23 Bangers! - The Casual Lurkers Guide To Emotional Response (2017)
    by various
  6. Renegades V1
    by Various Artists
    Love is superficial Love is superficial
  7. Something Wicked
    by One-Eyed Doll
  8. Secret Lullaby
    by Kimberly Freeman
    Cream And Sugar Cream And Sugar
    I had a really hard time picking a favorite track, because this entire album is a masterpiece. 'Secret Lullaby' is absolutely beautiful lyrically and composition wise. Kimberly's music continues to evolve over the years (for the better). Elements of this album feel reminiscent of Katie Jane Garside, Amy Lee, and Emilie Autumn. My favorite songs are "Rust," "Amnesia," "To Love a Soldier," "Cream and Sugar," "Lions and Lilies," "Chocolate for Blood," and "Secret Lullaby." I highly recommend! 5/5!
  9. Weird Feelings
    by The Curse
  10. Out of Body
    by mouse on the keys
  11. Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman - “Democracy” (Leonard Cohen)
    by Amanda Palmer
  12. Laika
    by Turnip King
  13. Tunn Star
    by EARRING
  14. Timewave Zero b/w Here & Now
  15. Z
    by My Morning Jacket
  16. Tired of Tomorrow (Standard Version)
    by Nothing
  17. Violations
    by Dystopian Society
  18. Zawsze Nasze
    by Sierpien
  19. Blood Is the New Black
    by Masquerade
  20. Panic Paranoia
    by Masquerade
  21. Enjoy The Silence
    by One-Eyed Doll and Eyes Set To Kill
  22. The Devil’s Carnival
    by The Devil’s Carnival
  23. Violet City Lantern
    by Murals
  24. Cokomo
    by Sweet Spirit
  25. No Cover
    by Hi/Jack
  26. Stitch
    by The Dogbones