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  1. Stare Into Death And Be Still
    by Ulcerate
    There is No Horizon There is No Horizon
    Hard music for hard times. 10/10-
    Would absolutely go through it again!
  2. Age Of The Solipsist
    by Mother Of All
  3. Unloved
    by Frontierer
    Neon Barnacle Neon Barnacle
  4. Empire Of Love
    by Violet Cold
    We Met During The Revolution We Met During The Revolution
    Didn't expect this to hit me like it did. This made me happy
  5. Archaic Towers of Annihilation
    by Skullcrush
    Foretoken Punishment Foretoken Punishment
    Best distortion ever!
  6. Comma
    by April Weeps
    Terminal Rumination of a Broken Soul Terminal Rumination of a Broken Soul
    The most underrated prog-death album ever. Please give this a chance. It's worth it!
  7. The Everlorn
    by Sinira
    Our Final Nightfall Our Final Nightfall
  8. Extended Play For My Sweet Mary Thyme
    by Ghostbound
    Ada, Age of Eight Ada, Age of Eight
  9. Entity
    by 0
    Conjoin the Vacuous Conjoin the Vacuous
    No words, just...
  10. Nightmarrow
    by Mavradoxa
    Maple Maple
    The track names alone conjure all of the beautiful imagery I have come to love in black metal
  11. The NeverEnding Story
    by The Birthday Massacre
  12. Winter Solstice
    by Black Pyre
    Pale Apparition Pale Apparition
    The guitars sound like thick, shimmering blades of iridescent ice. This album is an otherworldly thing
  13. Come The Tide (Death Metal)
    by ETERNAL STORM (Spain)
    Of Winter and Treason Of Winter and Treason
  14. No Dawn For Men
    by Feminazgul
    Bury the Antlers With the Stag Bury the Antlers With the Stag
    10/10 My AOTY for 2020.
  15. Endure
    by Assemblage 23
    Afterglow Afterglow
  16. Walk Beyond the Dark
    by Abigail Williams
    Into the Sleep Into the Sleep
    My AOTY for 2019.
  17. Heaven That Dwells Within
    by Wormwitch
    Vernal Womb Vernal Womb
  18. Of Breath and Bone
    by Be'lakor
    By Moon And Star By Moon And Star
  19. Fallow
    by Morrow
    A City Of Gristle A City Of Gristle
  20. Covenant Of Teeth
    by Morrow
    The Norr The Norr