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  1. Malibu Canyon
    by Rep-Detect
  2. MMXIX
    by Rep-Detect
    Monsoon Monsoon
    If you have any interest in lo fi, vaporwave, cyberpunk, or just plain good chill music, you OWE it to yourself to check this out.
  3. Tears in the Rain
    by Rep-Detect
  4. The Glass Box EP
    by End Archaic
    by Paul Ozz
    As brutal as it is technical. You won't find many more skilled or more articulate players out there. Paul is massively underrated and a terrific guy to boot. Check out his discography.
  6. Isometric
    by Jake Bowen
  7. Gaia EP
    by Viridian Mast
  8. Eastern Shores
    by Viridian Mast
  9. Fear the Angels
    by Paul Ozz Music
  10. Land of Secrets
    by Paul Ozz Music
  11. Nano EP
    by Mera
  12. A Voice Within
    by Intervals
  13. The Hazard Circular
    by The Hazard Circular
  14. The Collective
    by Scale The Summit
    Whales Whales
    This album got me playing bass again. Every member of StS is a phenomenal talent and an inspiration to myself and many.
  15. The Migration
    by Scale The Summit
    Narrow Salient Narrow Salient