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  1. The IVth Crusade (Full Dynamic Range Edition)
    by Bolt Thrower
    Celestial Sanctuary Celestial Sanctuary
  2. Blackbraid II
    by Blackbraid
    Twilight Hymn of Ancient Blood Twilight Hymn of Ancient Blood
  3. The Ice Age
    by Ice
  4. Unending Degradation
    by Krypts
    by Kurse
  6. The Enduring Spirit
    by Tomb Mold
    by MISERY
    Septic Otcopus Septic Otcopus
  8. Clandestine (Full Dynamic Range Edition)
    by Entombed
  9. Cremation Ritual
    by Ossuary
    Gaping Mental War-Wound Gaping Mental War-Wound
  10. The Gathering of Souls
    by Malformed
    Drowning in Emptiness Drowning in Emptiness
  11. Profane Nexus
    by Incantation
    The Horns of Gefrin The Horns of Gefrin
  12. Failures for Gods
    by Immolation
    No Jesus, No Beast No Jesus, No Beast
  13. The Starving Lesson
    by QUIET MAN
    From Tomorrow's Dead Hiss From Tomorrow's Dead Hiss
  14. Solace
    by REZN
    Stasis Stasis
  15. Chaotic Divine
    by REZN
  16. Malicious Procession Of Rotted Flesh
    by Misanthropic
    Ritualist Retribution Ritualist Retribution
  17. WRATH
    by Misanthropic
    Revel In Gore Revel In Gore
  18. Lore
    by Elder
  19. Dead Roots Stirring (REMASTERED)
    by Elder
    Dead Roots Stirring Dead Roots Stirring
  20. Deserted
    by Gatecreeper
    Barbaric Pleasures Barbaric Pleasures