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  1. Stone Circle
    by Dorisburg
  2. Dimension Intrusion
    by F.U.S.E.
  3. Splade
    by Dorisburg
  4. Vertical Hold
    by Terrence Dixon
  5. Mental Blast
    by Jana Clemen
  6. Silent Emotions
    by Abstract Soul
  7. Points Of Matter Vol. 3
    by Various Artists
  8. Points Of Matter Vol. 1
    by Various Artists
  9. The Cosmic Dust EP
    by Dust-e-1
  10. JS01
    by Jump Source
  11. Endasilasie 1
    by Abdulla Rashim Records
  12. Asayita 1
    by Abdulla Rashim Records
  13. R-CNVX1
    by Convextion
    Untitled Untitled
  14. Vantage Point
    by Versalife
  15. V
    by Sleeper Cell
  16. The Men You'll Never See pt. 1
    by Various Artists
    The Men You'll Never See (Original Version) The Men You'll Never See (Original Version)
  17. Night Time Activities Pt. I
    by Versalife
  18. The Men You'll Never See pt. 2
    by D.I.E.
  19. Night Time Activities Pt. III
    by Versalife
  20. Night Time Activities Pt. II
    by Versalife
  21. Soul of the Automaton Pt.1 [TRSD005A]
    by Versalife
  22. Soul of the Automaton Pt.2 [TRSD005B]
    by Versalife
  23. DRFT002
    by Shifted
  24. Drifting Over
    by Shifted
  25. Yguana
    by Plants Army Revolver
  26. Monsoon. SEMANTICA 107
    by Artefakt
  27. Claudio PRC - φάσμα
    by TGP
  28. Claudio PRC & UNC - TGP 005
    by TGP
  29. Primal Code - The North Path (incl. The Gods Planet and Wanderwelle Remixes)
    by TGP
  30. Claudio PRC & UNC / Blazej Malinowski - TGP Extra 003
    by TGP
  31. Through The Lights / LDN 1622
    by Claudio PRC
  32. Time Dilation EP
    by Conforce
  33. Us Together
    by Supreems
  34. Time
    by Pachanga Boys
  35. Let’s Go Dancing
    by Tiga
  36. Stimulation EP
    by Borrowed Identity
  37. MISTRESS 01
    by Borrowed Identity
  38. The Quest EP
    by Gforty
  39. Travellers EP
    by Adam Emil + Slim Hustla
  40. Remixed
    by Artefakt
  41. Cleric | Rules of Reality EP [CRG007]
    by Cleric
  42. Cleric x Kmyle | Empty Shells EP | James Ruskin Remix [CRG015]
    by Cleric x Kmyle
  43. Cleric | Fragments of a Portrait EP [CRG013]
    by C L E R G Y
  44. Cleric | Voices of Control EP [CRG003]
    by Cleric
  45. Cleric x Dax J | Lost in Bermuda EP [CRG005]
    by Cleric x Dax J