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Omar Khalid

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana
  2. Rock
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  1. Joy
    by Mope Grooves
    Outside Outside
  2. No Regerts
    by Chastity Belt
    Black Sail Black Sail
  3. Putty
    by BOYTOY
    Want Want
  4. Goth As Moff
    by Haunted Haus
    Sad Party Sad Party
  5. VEVC 0041 - La Luz / Habibi split 7"
    by Volcom Entertainment
    I'll Be True I'll Be True
  6. Wimps - Repeat
    by Wimps
    Nap Nap
  7. LOSER
    by Bantam Foxes
    (I Wanna Move To) Texas (I Wanna Move To) Texas
  8. Tacocat "Womans Day"
    by Minor Bird Records
    Party Trap Party Trap
  9. LAMC # 16
    by La Luz / Scully
    La Luz - Belive My Eyes La Luz - Belive My Eyes
    Both tracks are great. The La Luz track is really special because it's a little breezier than most of their other stuff, but just as rich.
  10. Oh Baby
    by Colleen Green
  11. Damp Face
    by La Luz
    Call Me in the Day Call Me in the Day
    I love the instros and of course the earlier versions of the songs that appear on the It's Alive LP. Favorite track is probably Damp Face.
  12. Weirdo Shrine
    by La Luz
    You Disappear You Disappear
    This is the same surfy, harmony-rich La Luz that were sublime on their first LP, but now with even more energy and venom.
  13. The Unnaturals vs. The 50ft Bettie
    by The Unnaturals
    tsunami! tsunami!
    Great mix of trad surf with a very contemporary feel. The three pieces groove together flawlessly and the guitar work is impressive yet tasteful. Just a fun album to listen to.
  14. Italian Medallion
    by Barbacoa
    Tornado Head Tornado Head
    Love the straight surf and fuzz on this track, but it's hard to pick a favorite. The whole thing surfs hard with a good western flavor. Makes me want to eat tacos on the beach.
  15. Los Invasores / EP
    by los invasores
    Destino: Honolulu Destino: Honolulu
    Whole EP is great but Destino: Honolulu stands out as a surf ballad that isn't just going through the motions. It is emotive and groovy and makes you want to start it over as soon as it ends.
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  16. The Chronicles of Marnia
    by Marnie Stern
    Nothing is Easy Nothing is Easy