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  1. Manouba, Tunisia
  2. Metal
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  1. Betrothal to the Stone: Conception of Mephisto​
    by Sophist
  2. The crying that was never heard
    by Goblin
  3. When the worst nightmare becomes real
    by Goblin
  4. The Chamber of Mazarbul [EP]
    by Grimdor
  5. Wolf's Atonement
    by Scargzlot
  6. ii
    by vide
  7. Hounds
    by Mary & The Highwalkers
  8. Multa Funera
    by Polymortem
  9. The Cowards Creed
    by Apolion (Italy)
  10. Invokaatio
    by Acid Sodomy
  11. Kosmonolith
    by Cathedraline
  12. Decadance
    by Sheol Blanc
    such a special album
  13. Dying sunset
    by Messiah in the abyss
  14. Toad King
    by Goblinsmoker
  15. Eternal Luminescent Shadows
    by Luna Azure
  16. De Brevitate Vitae
    by Everwinter
  17. Vale dos Suicidas
    by Revogar
  18. Речи (remastered edition)
    by Ilmatar
  19. The Accuser
    by The Accuser
    appears in 1 other collection
  20. Forgotten
    by In sins i roam
    appears in 1 other collection
  21. Bonehead
    by Ilmatar
  22. Them
    by Cryptik Howling
  23. Svartsalt EP 2017
    by Svartsalt
  24. Omnigasm
    by Oppress.
  25. Lucem Ferre Dominus Sapientiae
    by Lux Ferre
  26. Echoes of Creation
    by Throne
  27. Visions In Fire
    by Necrofier
  28. Raw Takes From Hell (demo)
    by Sinister Tradition
  29. Acasual Possession (demo)
    by Sinister Tradition
  30. Willow Ash
    by Willow Ash
  31. Shadu-Nar-Mattaru
  32. Tales From The Satanic : Part 1 Composed In Blood (e.p)
    by Sinister Tradition
  33. None More Black
    by Sárnes
  34. When Eerie Whispers Bridge Human Fate
    by Faunus
  35. Above the Stars
    by Walpurgis
  36. Kingdom of Harth
    by The Elder Flame
  37. To Live and to Die
    by Ardormort
  38. Satans Dungeon Orchestra Vol 3 (Έρεβος Sinister Tradition Swamp Temple Creperum Psuchagōgoi)
    by Sinister Tradition
  39. Congregations for Ancient Rituals
    by Archaic Tomb
  40. Count Nastros (album)
    by Sinister Tradition
  41. Akklamation
    by Akklamation
    appears in 1 other collection
  42. MORGENSTERN - Return To The Dark Forces Of The Wolves Digipak
    by Tribulacion Productions - Underground Necro Metal Art
    appears in 1 other collection
  43. BLASFEMIA (Chile) "Nocturnal Astral Visions " CD
    by Tribulacion Productions - Underground Necro Metal Art
  44. Arcane Solitude
    by Pagan Moon
  45. Let The Earth Rotate/Let The Cosmic Fabric Flow
    by N'Zwaa