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  1. The Writings
    by Sven Laux and Daniela Orvin
  2. One Hundred Billion Sparks
    by Max Cooper
  3. Hakanai
    by Hakanai
  4. Antwology
    by Worst Party Ever
  5. HISS
    by Dwarphs
  6. Saved
    by Now, Now
  7. Mirror Touch
    by Wild Ones
  8. Panorama
    by La Dispute
  9. En Otros Lugares
    by Santiago Córdoba
  10. Future Me Hates Me
    by The Beths
  11. Eskapist (Instrumental)
    by The Hirsch Effekt
  12. Being Where I Thought I'd Be
    by Just Neighbors
  13. I Wish I Could Stay Here
    by Basement
  14. LIFTED or The Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground (Remastered)
    by Bright Eyes
  15. I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning (Remastered)
    by Bright Eyes
  16. We Do What We Can
    by Tangled Hair
  17. Happy Hollow
    by Cursive
  18. No Resolution
    by Tim Kasher
  19. Abrigo de pelos
    by Abrigo de pelos
  20. happy little trees
    by Kenny Segal
  21. The Noisy Miners Swoop Him (EP)
    by Requin
  22. Fulfillment EP
    by Invalids
  23. LONER
    by Caroline Rose
  24. Winter Restlessness
    by Mount Shrine
  25. Collapsing Horizons
    by Tangent
  26. Approaching Complexity
    by Tangent
  27. New Others Part One
    by This Will Destroy You
  28. Excursions
    by C418
  29. Live inside Stag & Hounds
    by Cleft
  30. The Move
    by Matthew Halsall
  31. Health
    by Alpha Male Tea Party
  32. We Already Lost The World
    by Birds In Row
  33. June
    by I'm Glad It's You
  34. Anthology
    by Worst Party Ever
  35. In Rounds
    by Campdogzz
  36. Ghost City
    by Delta Sleep
  37. The Library EP
    by Moses
  38. Garden
    by Farfara
  39. No Matter Where We Go..!
    by Latterman
  40. Right Hand Left Hand
    by Right Hand Left Hand
  41. Shaker
    by InTechnicolour
  42. El Pastor
    by Delta Sleep
  43. How to Socialise & Make Friends
    by CAMP COPE
  44. Stay Behind
  45. Kingfisher
    by Prawn