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  1. Salary Man Simulator
    by Mitch Murder
  2. Salary Man Simulator 3: Remote Business
    by Mitch Murder
  3. Salary Man Simulator 2: Corporate Retreat
    by Mitch Murder
  4. Love & Peace
    by Lisa Lynne Franco & George Tortorelli
  5. Nature Center
    by Wyoming Toad
  6. Cascades Of Refinement
    by Parish
  7. Somebody's Child
    by Chunky
  8. 緑 (Green)
    by 私__バッグ
  9. Bigeneric Les Merlas
    by Marco Repetto
  10. Indirect Methods
    by Chris Korda
  11. In Due Time
    by Vienna
  12. Eight Billion Humans Can't Be Wrong
    by Chris Korda and The Church Of Euthanasia
  13. Magic
    by Planet Love aka Marco Repetto
  14. Sexo y Fantasia
    by Sexo y Fantasia
  15. IÄTI
    by Mono Junk
  16. CADE
    by CADE
  17. V4 Visions: Of Love & Androids
    by Various Artists
  18. Valley Of The Sun: Field Guide To Inner Harmony
    by Various Artists
  19. REACH
    by Various Artists
  20. Super Hits of the 70s
    by Various Artists