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  1. Stay Asleep
    by Morus Alba
    Moment You Crash Moment You Crash
  2. Western Teleport
    by Emperor X
    Erica Western Teleport Erica Western Teleport
  3. Everything So Far
    by Pinegrove
    Angelina Angelina
    yo high level songwriting here, particularly Angelina - love the urgency, vocal performance, just feels right
  4. Drum set
    by Sitcom
    how to draw how to draw
    W00P Jake Lazovick is writing some of the best songs lately, like nobody else's songs that I've heard. they're very fun but not simplistic, and they feel hand-made even though the production is great and polished. in fact they sounds just like Jake is as a person, but I won't put too many adjectives on a friend.
    juugy wise
  5. My Pal Berta
    by Palberta
    When I Come When I Come
  6. GFP005 | Nothing If Not Loved
    by GoldFlakePaint
    Small Wonder - Wind Let Loose Small Wonder - Wind Let Loose
    first compilation from Gold Flake Paint, an Edinburgh based music site that sets the bar very high - you might notice me in here - pay no mind - all of the songs are really great, Tom Johnson has great taste!
  7. Slow Dance in the Cosmos
    by Porches
    Jesus Universe Jesus Universe
    mmm - you've probably heard this already? suffice to say i choose to listen to slow dance in the cosmos when i can't listen to my own music anymore - this is album is foreign and weird, containing all the mystery every songwriter i know tries really hard to achieve with a sort of effortlessness. there's ease and difficulty both -- basically these are just great songs and Porches definitely deserves all the accolades they get.
  8. The One I Wanted To Be
    by Sharpless
    Nothing Can Change Nothing Can Change
    Sharpless is the maximal explosion of feeling from a repressed soul -- Jack's songwriting seethes all that can't be said in decent social interactions, defiant against the "gaman"/normal and strong in the face of the worst heartbreak. Hearing Jack's music makes me love him all the more and he is already one of my favorite people in the world.
  9. Wendy
    by Small Wonder
    Until I Open My Wings Until I Open My Wings
    Pristine troughs of the lowest and highest emotions. Really really a work of art written by henry, one of the best songwriters in the world, and presented to you by jack, his best friend and one of the best producers in the world. Love these guys so much!!
  10. Zemi
    by Sticklips
    Particle Wave Particle Wave
    Jo now plays under her own name (Johanna Warren) but before that she had a band called StickLips - this was the new album when I met her and I love these songs a lot!