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  1. Cape Town, South Africa
  2. Ambient
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  1. Infinite Sadness
    Ouverture de Peter Hodge Transport Ouverture de Peter Hodge Transport
  2. Phase With The Moon
    by Boreal Network
    Phase With The Moon Phase With The Moon
  3. Wheels Roll Home (Edit)
    by The Antlers
  4. Memory
    Memory Memory
  5. Des confettis en désordre
    by Voyou
    Carnaval Carnaval
    by Requin Chagrin
    Alysson Alysson
  7. High Line - B Sides
    by SUSS
    Wetlands Part 2 Wetlands Part 2
  8. The River Flooded and Mist Trickled Onto The Bridge
    by Umbrella Apartment
    Brume Brume
    The juxtaposition of the soft, pensive music against the almost percussive taps and hiss of rain and water works beautifully to enhance the reflective mood, but also makes it seem like these feelings were being captured in real time, music at once fleeting yet at peace with it's own temporary nature.
  9. Woodland
    by Borg
    Towards Woodland Towards Woodland
    Strange, enchanting, wholly unique.
  10. On s'emmène avec toi
    by Voyou
    Seul sur ton tandem Seul sur ton tandem
    Pop perfection
  11. Familiars
    by The Antlers
    Refuge Refuge
  12. Undersea
    by The Antlers
    Endless Ladder Endless Ladder
  13. Burst Apart
    by The Antlers
    Corsicana Corsicana
  14. Hospice
    by The Antlers
    Wake Wake
  15. Les bruits de la ville
    by Voyou
    Papillon Papillon
    A masterful pop record with songs that range from irresistibly cool (Papillon) to poignant (Lille), where warm loungey strings and brasses swell - but never feel like a pastiche - while percussive hooks and textured synths keep it all feeling fresh. It's all terribly catchy - it will be in your head for a long while.
  16. From Here To Eternity
  17. The Undivided Five
    by A Winged Victory for the Sullen
    Our Lord Debussy Our Lord Debussy
  18. Lost and Found
    by Jónsi & Alex Somers
    Boy Boy
  19. i,i
    by Bon Iver
    Hey, Ma Hey, Ma
  20. Impermanence
    by Peter Silberman
    New York New York