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  1. Victor Hugo’s Blank Page
    by Sergey Akhunov
    Le quattro stagioni: La primavera Le quattro stagioni: La primavera
  2. Can of Worms
    by Watchdog
  3. Codex
    by Bruce Brubaker
    Riley : Keyboard Study 2 (Brubaker version 1) Riley : Keyboard Study 2 (Brubaker version 1)
  4. Metamorphosis
    by LAMA + Joachim Badenhorst
    Metamorphosis III Metamorphosis III
    by Idris Rahman, Leon Brichard, Emre Ramazanoglu, Satin Singh, Vincent De Boer
    Dark sun Dark sun
  6. Tessellatum
    by Nadia Sirota | Liam Byrne | Composed by Donnacha Dennehy
    Part 2 Part 2
    by Sutari
    pod borem / by the forest pod borem / by the forest
  8. Night en Face
    by Five-Storey Ensemble
    Night Across the Street Night Across the Street
  9. Ghosts
    by Crash Ensemble
    As An Nos As An Nos
  10. Und was ist mit mir?
    by Eder
    Mas D'Azil Mas D'Azil
  11. Tfaruk Love Communiction
    by Tfaruk Love Communiction featuring Tymon Tymański & Wojtek Mazolewski
    Tinky Winky jest pedałem Tinky Winky jest pedałem
  12. Polygon
    by Erik Hove Chamber Ensemble
    Tessellation Tessellation
  13. Trios
    by Bearthoven
    Anthony Vine: From a Forest of Standing Mirrors Anthony Vine: From a Forest of Standing Mirrors
  14. Magnetoception
    by Joshua Abrams
    Lore Lore
  15. Stories for Ocean Shells
    by Kate Moore & Ashley Bathgate
    Velvet Velvet
  16. Air Bump
    by Toc & The Compulsive Brass
    Air Bump Air Bump
  17. L'épingle du Je
    Note de craie Note de craie
    appears in 1 other collection
    by Grand Orchestre du Tricot
    2 listening tracks quite show the genre orientation of this French album: modern & free jazz, prog-rock, spoken word, classical & experimental music, performed perfectly. But to say this way is to say nothing.
    This is a philosophical adult fairy-tale about a man who has escaped from the imperfection of this world into his fantasy - a space journey among fancied planets. Even if you don't know French, you are guaranteed the huge ocean of thoughts and emotions.
    Fantastic recording!
  19. Lean Back and Release
    by Molly Joyce
    Lean Back and Release Lean Back and Release
  20. The Golden Fang
    by Shake Stew
    Shake the Dust Shake the Dust
  21. Pomp Power
    by Remont Pomp feat. Mikołaj Trzaska
    Volunteers Retrospection Volunteers Retrospection
  22. Body Language
    by Michał Wierba
    Riddlemaster Riddlemaster
  23. forced march
    by Crash Ensemble
  24. Gone
    by Bobby Previte & The Visitors
    The Saint The Saint
    This is an absolutely superb live performance of the jazz quartet of young Polish musicians leaded by American drummer B.Previte. I find this as one of the best releases of the label ForTune in this year.
    Bright jazz-rock with notes of fusion, surf-rock (that remains me to some Tzadik releases), free jazz. It grabs the intention from the very beginning & keeps it to the end, the sound is perfectly well-done & musical ideas are wonderfully various.
    Many thanks to Chris Dinsmore for this gift ))
  25. Keep In Touch
    by Nico Muhly, Nadia Sirota
    Viola Concerto Part. I Viola Concerto Part. I
  26. Together, As One
    by Dinosaur
    Living, Breathing Living, Breathing
  27. Bonjour
    by Bonjour
    Thursday Afternoon Thursday Afternoon
    I've already lost my hope to see this amazing album of the chamber ensemble "Bonjour" leaded by contrabassist Florent Ghys officially released. It was made 3 years ago. And what was my surprise!
    I find it as one of his best works, made in the flavor of classical modern minimalism with the influence of rock and experimental avant-garde music, that actually is very suitable to the label Cantaloupe Music )
  28. Party Favor EP
    by Human Feel
    Eon Hit Eon Hit
  29. Terms Of Embarrassment
    Me Standard You Poor Me Standard You Poor
    Oh yeaaaah! I hoped, this concert would appeared finally here )))
    The absolutely outstanding Belgian experimental jazz-rock group, the great live recording, the first track is unbelievably gorgeous! ))) Highly recommended )))))

    p.s. forgot to add, that this is a tribute to Frank Zappa, BTW ))
  30. OPUS
    by Afenginn
    Partiro Futile (P3) Partiro Futile (P3)
    I like these Danish guys, their music is amazing and great. Now they made something epical and it's really difficult for me to describe it. Influenced by folk, avant-prog and classical music, this is just a new gorgeous album of modern eclecticism that was made not to talk about it but to listen to it )) Very dense stuff with the huge amount of unconventional and bright musical solutions. ))
  31. Niechęć
    by Niechęć
    Atak Atak
    As they say this is the 3rd long-awaited full album by Polish jazz group "Niechęć", because the idea of the 2nd album was thrown in trash ))
    Their unique stylish ability to combine dark cinematic music, prog-rock, post-rock, nu jazz, free jazz, lyrics of piano & features in the style of "Kandinsky Effect" is amazing.
    Their 1st album was named as "a punch that's hard to duck from". This release seems to be more mature and hits the target even better ))
    Let's see what critics will say.))
  32. Misc
    by Misc
    La fin La fin
    The Canadian jazz trio led by pianist J.Beaulieu changed the name of the band, became unrecognizable and released their new album ))
    They've formed an excellent ensemble, where each instrument has its own unique role, showing different techniques, capabilities and own personality. Strong expressive melodies, great jazz arrangements, creative percussion, impressive lyrical lines of double-bass, nice improvisations, the variety of rhythms. It's easy to listen to this album several times in a row.))
  33. s/t
    by ORCHESTER 33 1/3
    A1 - 33 1/3 A1 - 33 1/3
    The idea of Orchester 33 1/3 led by Austrian musicians C.Kurzmann-C.Fennesz was to combine electro-acoustic improvisation with the large ensemble jazz. This is a shining example of how this idea could be made elegantly.
    Actually they mix almost everything: experimental electronics, avant-garde, free jazz, funk, jungle, glitch, African rhythms, rock. Dedicated to M.Mantler, the album also has 3 versions of his "Preview".
    Although the recording was made 20 years ago it sounds modern & fascinating.
  34. Sheer Tyranny Of Will
    by Peripheral Vision
    Backbone Backbone
    As critics say this is determined as a fusion approach of "Canterbury-style" of jazz-rock with contemporary elements. Let's believe them.
    Every track has a gift for listeners: an unexpected appearance of well-done culmination, a change of mood or music style, a beautiful harmony, the great guitar solo (in P.Metheny style or rock oriented), the gorgeous sound of sax or electronics, suddenly appeared out of nowhere and disappears into nowhere.
    They are nominated for JUNO 2016. I wish them to win))
  35. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King
    by The People's Liberation Big Band of Greater Kansas City
    Waltz of the Snowflakes Waltz of the Snowflakes
    I never thought that someone could force me to listen to "The Nutcracker". Russians know it by heart from childhood, it sounds everywhere, not only during ballet shows ))
    This is the incredible interpretation of this music by the jazz big-band led by pianist B.Cox. They play everything: from classical swing to free jazz, but a variety of styles is not so shocking than the very choice of using them & unexpected transitions between, made with great humor.
    I wonder what Tchaikovsky would say )))
  36. The People's Liberation Big Band of Greater Kansas City
    by The People's Liberation Big Band of Greater Kansas City
    Hazor/Tzofeh Hazor/Tzofeh
    Also I couldn't ignore their interpretation of my favorite John Zorn's composition "Hazor" for instance ))
  37. 4 Elementos
    by Nana Vasconcelos
    Terraqueos-Vida-Bush Dance Terraqueos-Vida-Bush Dance
    The last album of Naná Vasconcelos. Thank you for your great music.
  38. volume 16
    This is a soundtrack for one of the Brazilian series of short movies, something like a musical interviews with musicians.
    The Vol. 16 with Naná Vasconcelos made in 2012 is here -
  39. Palimpsest
    by Three Cane Whale
    Brute Angels Brute Angels
    Once in a while I scan bandcamp in looking for my favorite musicians & voila!
    Their 1st album reminded me of Penguin Cafe Orchestra, but mostly they stand in a row with such folk groups as British Spiro (A.Vann is its member). But guitar, mandolin, harmonium, dulcitone, lyre, glockenspiel, chimes, harp, bouzouki, zither, bowed psaltery + different types of horns played by P.Judge (yeah, from "Get the Blessing") make their music not only folky melancholic fairy-tale like but also fresh & unique!
  40. Beaux-arts
    by Sylvain Rifflet
    Formes circulaires, soleil n°2 Formes circulaires, soleil n°2
    French musicians know how to use strings in jazz, there are a lot of examples of this phenomenon like F.Rabbath, L'Orchestre De Contrebasses & their members separately, Trio Zéphyr, V.Courtois.
    This is another example of this miracle: jazz trio merged with string 4et. It's difficult to describe this amazing unusual work in few words, but this is smth. like a big palette of musical styles where modern jazz, jazz-rock, R.I.O, classical, avant-garde & even french-style light music live together.))
  41. HON
    by Huw V Williams; HON
    Skardu's Missing Skardu's Missing
    The wide range of musical styles represented here is amazing: strongly beautiful lyrical melodic lines, folk, energetic funk and jazz-rock are combined with free jazz and absolutely exciting improv. Accordion, prepared piano and kalimba (at least it sounds like this) add some special flair ))
    The very impressive debut album of young British musicians led by bassist and composer Huw V. Williams makes a really good start ))
  42. Wszystko co stałe rozpływa się w powietrzu // All that is solid melts into air
    by Kurws
    Weltgeist Weltgeist
    This is wild! The mix of experimental instrumental punk, avant-garde, free jazz and improv from Poland is wonderfully aggressive )) Critics differ in their opinions and can't decide, whether this album is brilliant and even better than their previous release or it is an encroachment on the sacred ))
    I find it creative, sarcastic and powerful )) At least it could help in the constant fight against low blood pressure and sleepy Monday's mornings ))
  43. Cruel Sister
    by Julia Wolfe
    Cruel Sister, part 1 Cruel Sister, part 1
    Perhaps, the Commission of Pulitzer Prize wouldn't agree with me, but I find this recording for strings by J.Wolfe, the Queen of Minimalism, the best one in her discography. Extremely tragic music, based on English ballad, makes a strong deep impression. My friend, an old wolf in music, was almost shocked with it for a couple of weeks!
    The 2nd dramatic composition about modernity of our society is also made & performed brilliantly so I couldn't get it out of my head for a long time. Great music!
  44. You're welcome
    by Watchdog
    For the 3rd time in a row this French duo delights me!
    At first it was last year when I heard them in modern jazz Anne Quillier 6tet (their "Chanson Épique pour les superhéros injustement méconnus" still makes my heart skiping a beat), then I was astounded by their avant-garde prog-jazz trio "Blast", here they stayed alone - only piano, Rhodes and clarinets.
    Ok, they persuaded me - they are fantastic musicians and Anne Quillier is "Woman of the Year" according to my personal music "charts" ))
  45. Stainless Staining
    by Lisa Moore & Donnacha Dennehy
    Stainless Staining Stainless Staining
    This is the absolutely gorgeous collaboration of Irish composer D.Dennehy and L.Moore, the founding pianist for "Bang on a Can", and one of the most exciting recordings of modern classical piano minimalism, that I ever heard. The experiments with micro-tonal textures, rhythmic pulsations, general melodic expressive lines and the infinity of sound hypnotize me for several years and I still find it extremely attractive, despite the fact that I know this music almost by heart ))