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  1. Sydney, Australia
  2. Metal
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  1. After the storm
    by Ofdrykkja
  2. After the storm
    by Ofdrykkja
  3. Smouldering Into Dust
    by Mournument
  4. Through Sheer Will And Black Magic...
    by Daeva
  5. Song Of Salvation
    by Dream Unending
  6. Woe
    by An Abstract Illusion
  7. Tunnel At The End Of The Light
    by Figure Of Speechless
  8. Czernobog
    by WOE
  9. Spectres of revocable loss
    by Cross Vault
  10. Miles to take (EP)
    by Cross Vault
  11. As Strangers We Depart
    by Cross Vault
  12. The all-consuming
    by Cross Vault
  13. Early Moods
    by Early Moods
  14. Early Moods - Spellbound
    by Olde Magick Records
  15. Equilibrium
    by Mendel
  16. Blackbraid I
    by Blackbraid
  17. Voices From A Fathomless Realm
    by Cavernous Gate
  18. Cosmorama
    by Asterean
  19. Beyond Ratio
    by Swampborn
  20. We Shall Overcome
    by Lord Vigo