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  1. Shade Beyond
    by Hand of Kalliach
  2. Cinders
    by Hand of Kalliach
  3. Folk Metal 1: Go Folk Yourself
    by The Metal Observer
  4. Tale Of The Endless
    by Maestitium
  5. Skull Soldiers
    by Wolfheart
  6. The Canticle Of Shadows
    by Darkend
  7. The Faceless Divine
    by Totengeflüster
  8. Infinity
  9. Against All Gods
    by AKA White Devil
  10. Chalice of Thagirion
    by Mephorash
  11. Reborn in Darkness
    by Skeptik
  12. SAT157: SevenSins - Due Diaboli Et Apocalypse (2016)
    by Satanath Records
  13. The magic and the power of Satrokon
    by UVKIR
  14. Fate of the Warrior
    by Winterthroned
  15. Over The Past
    by Legacy Of Emptiness
  16. Stormwinds Of Ages
    by Vesperian Sorrow
  17. Legends of the Dark Times (Full Length 2017)
    by Odraedir
  18. The Endurance at Night
    by Necronautical
  19. Varangian Odyssey
    by Pimeä Metsä
  20. Wrath Of Fenrir
    by Wrath Of Fenrir