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  1. There Will Be No Intermission
    by Amanda Palmer
  2. Beautiful Ruin
    by Converge
  3. Devil is Fine
    by Zeal and Ardor
  4. Savage Masters
    by Zozobra
  5. Harmonic Tremors
    by Zozobra
  6. Bird of Prey
    by Zozobra
  7. Meditations in B (2015 Remaster)
    by Old Man Gloom
  8. Dead Cross (EP)
    by Dead Cross
  9. Covers EP
    by Mutoid Man
  10. Millennials
    by Coilguns
  11. An Evening With Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer
    by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer
  12. Asheran
    by DVNE
  13. Progenitor
    by DVNE
  14. Aurora Majesty
    by DVNE
  15. I Can Tell You About Pain
    by Converge
  16. Siberian - Through Ages Of Sleep
    by Siberian
  17. Helium Head
    by Mutoid Man
  18. Seminar III: Zozobra
    by Old Man Gloom
  19. Christmas
    by Old Man Gloom
  20. Meditiations in B
    by Old Man Gloom
  21. Seminar II: The Holy Rites Of Primitivism Regressionism
    by Old Man Gloom
  22. MIRE - Inward Outward
    by MIRE, JP LaChapelle, Dave Massicotte
  23. The Anaesthete
    by Rosetta